Google invests in solar panels

Google invests in solar panel installations, made up of solar panels which turn free solar energy and free solar power into free electricity.

The world’s biggest and most popular search engine is investing $168 million in what will be the worlds largest tower plant made up of solar panels. In doing so, Google is showing just how committed it is to the world- by helping to preserve the environment.

The solar energy generating system will be built in the Mojave Desert, California in the U.S.   The building of the 450 ft tall plant first began over six months ago in October 2010.  The cost of the solar panel installations has been funded by the U.S Department of Energy.

Google has shown just how committed it is to utilising clean energy, such as the free electricity that the solar panels on the tower will generate. In the past Google has invested in various other solar power plants, and has been using free solar power to create electricity at its Mountain View headquarters in California for some time now.

Most recently the search giant is now looking to invest more than $100 million in what will be the world’s largest wind farm. This will be built in Oregon next year, and will generate an estimated 845 megawatts of electricity. The initial plan is that it will have over 300 wind turbines and will employ 400 people.

While there has been speculation as to exactly why Google has invested so heavily in the various ways of creating green energy, it’s believed that in doing so they can offset their future plans to grow, and increase their need for more energy without jeopardising the planet.

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