If you love animals go vegan and eat vegan cakes

The vegan diet is much easier thanks to the production of diet cakes and free from cakes  such as dairy free cakes, egg free cake, vegan cakes and low fat cakes and sugar free cakes.

Actor James Cromwell who played the farmer in the hit children’s film Babe has urged the public that if they love animals the most important thing they can do to is to switch to a vegan diet. Specialist vegan foods are now widely available, such as vegan diet cakes making adopting a vegan diet easier than ever.  

Cromwell recently narrated the new eco-film called ‘Farm to Fridge’, which tackles the controversial topic of factory farming. He told the press ‘I got involved through HSUS (The Humane Society of the United States, the country’s largest animal protection organisation) and the film is about the factory farm system, it has a number of images that just devastated me.’ He went on then explain why he chose to narrate the film ‘When you see that kind of savagery you want to tear somebody’s eyes out. But we have to be non-violent, so that’s why I do that, that’s what this is.’

The protection of one particular animal is especially close to Cromwell’s heart-wolves. ‘I happen to be very fond of wolves,’ he said. ‘And I’m always appalled at the policy of the ex-governor of Alaska, shooting wolves from airplanes’

The star has one simple tip for animal lovers everywhere- to ditch the diet that includes meat and animal products such as diary and choose a vegan diet instead.  The vegan diet is quickly gaining in popularity, bringing with it a market for free from foods such as free from cakes- such as dairy free cakes and egg free cake.  Specialist vegan food, such as these vegan cakes are now more widely available than ever before- making a vegan lifestyle much more accessible to people.

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