Solid oak flooring is recommended for allergy sufferers

Real wood floors, such as oak flooring- including engineered oak flooring and natural oak flooring prevent allergy symptoms.  Shop for solid wood flooring, wooden floors and engineered wood flooring at Easy Step, specialists in wooden flooring.

Healthcare experts are advising allergy sufferers to have real wood floors, such as solid oak flooring and solid wood flooring installed in their homes instead of carpets.  It’s warned that carpeting makes allergy symptoms much worse for sufferers, so installing wooden floors instead can effectively alleviate symptoms without the use of drugs.

Carpets are thought to aggravate allergies because they trap dust and dirt as well as other allergens.  Previously it was believed that if you cleaned carpets regularly it prevents dust and grime from settling into the carpets fibres- however clinical tests have proven this is untrue.

Wood flooring such as engineered oak flooring is much easier to clean than carpets, and one simple vacuum is sufficient enough to get rid of any dust or allergens which have settled on the floor.

To reduce the risk of experiencing severe allergy symptoms, in addition to choosing wooden flooring over carpets health experts also advise that you to remove curtains and drapes and put up wooden blinds instead.

Although natural oak flooring is an excellent long lasting flooring solution, which reduces exposure to the allergens that trigger allergic symptoms- vinyl flooring, bamboo floors and cork flooring are also good choices of flooring if you want to reduce your exposure to allergens too.

Other recommendations for allergy sufferers include getting rid of any unused stuffed toys as these can trap dust mites which are known to trigger symptoms. For any stuffed toys which you or your children can’t bear to part with you will need to wash using hot water once per week. Finally, make sure that your home is properly ventilated as this helps to reduce the chance of any mould being able to grow which also makes allergy symptoms worse.  If your home is particularly humid, investing in a dehumidifier is also recommended.

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