The Surrey Business Centre goes green

The Business Centre in Leatherhead- the office in Leatherhead goes green. Find out more about the Leatherhead office, a full serviced office Leatherhead known as the Leatherhead Business Centre, office space in Leatherhead & Surrey Business Centre here.

At the Business Centre in Leatherhead there have been a number of small changes made in order to make the office in Leatherhead more environmentally friendly. Not only is running a green office good for the environment, but reducing your wastage also helps to reduce the offices outgoings too.

Here are some simple ways in which you can make your office more environmentally friendly too.

Encourage everyone in your office to completely turn off their computers at the end of the day rather than just put them into sleep mode.

If you have a leaky tap fix it as soon as possible, just one drop of water dripping every second adds up to 10,000 litres of wasted water every year - the Leatherhead office is fully serviced, so all the repairs are taken care for you. This allows you to focus completely on your business, and not on the upkeep of your office building.

Next source suppliers that take back the packaging your office supplies come in- at the serviced office Leatherhead fresh milk is delivered to the office on a regular basis. The bottles are then cleaned and given back to the milkman to reuse. If you rent a desk at the Leatherhead Business Centre you have unlimited access to the milk which is delivered to the office, which is another benefit of undertaking desk rental at the Leatherhead/Surrey Business Centre.

Before deciding to re-furnish your office furniture and fittings re-evaluate whether anything you are currently using can be recycled and re-used.  This not only saves you money, but also cuts down on the amount of wastage that gets sent to landfill.

At the office space in Leatherhead a number of the building’s original features have been re-cycled to create new items of office furnishings. For example the original pews have been turned into meeting room tables, the original organ has been transformed into a striking new visual feature and the organ pipes have been recycled to make an ingenious office partition.

Finally encourage everyone that uses your office to bring in their unused cups, cutlery and crockery so that you no longer have to rely on using disposable plastic items.  The office space Leatherhead has a fully fitted kitchen area which can be used by anyone visiting the office. Inside the kitchen are cupboards which house lots of cups and crockery, so that when it comes to your morning coffee you don’t have to use a paper cup, and you can eat your lunch on a ceramic plate- together eliminating the amount of rubbish your office produces.

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