TRON Media SEM agency launches new SEO service!

TRON Media SEM agency, specialists in online marketing are pleased to announce their new SEO service. The new service will complement their already existing services such as Pay Per Click management.

TRON Media is a full  SEM  agency based in Surrey, which was set up by Simon Kelly in 2007 and specialises in online marketing. TRON Media is pleased to announce that they have recently expanded their range of services they are offering to their clients.

As from Monday 24th January 2011, TRON Media will be offering a new  SEO  service which will focus on the creation of high quality content. This content will then be distributed across the net to an extensive range of outlets, which is designed to build your site a natural link profile- proven to improve your page rankings. This  SEO  service will complement the existing services the  SEM agency already provides such as;  Pay Per Click  (PPC) management and website design.

The new  SEO  service is available in four different package sizes; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each package has been designed to fulfil the needs of the various business model sizes. So whether you own a small business or an international corporate conglomeration they have an SEO package to suit your budget, and which can get your business page one rankings.

As  online marketing  continues to evolve and the competition to secure those top positions is hotting up, experts have warned that on site  SEO  is no longer enough to get your site high rankings. In addition to traditional  SEO  practices such optimising your website, you will now need to put your efforts into offsite  SEO   to get your website page one rankings. This involves the process of link building, which is where you try to get as many inbound links pointing to your website as possible.

TRON Media can help you with your link building needs, with their various  SEO  packages. All four packages involve carrying out various white hat  SEO  strategies, which have been developed to get your business as much targeted exposure as possible.

When you have created a natural link profile, (which is where you steadily acquire inbound links to your site) the search engines think your site is more useful to its searchers. Because of this, they will rank your site higher than your competitor’s sites, your site will receive more traffic- and you’ll get more conversions as a result!

Founder of TRON Media Simon Kelly has said ‘We are very excited about the new  SEO  services we are offering. As a company we are all very much looking forward to working with all of our old and new clients, helping them to improve their business using the latest  online marketing  strategies.’

About TRON Media  

TRON Media are an experienced and independent UK Search Marketing and Media Agency specialising in Pay Per Click management, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media and Website Design. Feel free to give our team a call today on 0203 167 0965. All will be happy to help with any enquiry.

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This Press Release was written by Jo-Anne Keyte, and distributed by Sarah Duley.  Please direct all press queries to Jo-Anne Keyte email: or call: 02031670969.