TRON Media SEO company are now offering social media marketing

TRON Media are a SEO company who offer various search marketing strategies, these include; social media marketing, SEO and PPC management.

TRON Media SEO Company have recently just launched a new service, social media marketing. This is just another service the SEO company can offer its already existing and new clients. This exciting edition to the company portfolio will sit alongside its other search marketing services- PPC management, SEO, website design and website link building.

For many businesses social media marketing is still a grey area, but when it is done with a little know how it can produce some outstanding results.

A new search marketing strategy

TRON Media made the decision to go ahead with the new venture following an extensive amount of research into social media marketing. This included scrupulously analysing the strategies which the companies with the most successful social media campaigns utilised.  It also entailed investigating the potential volumes of targeted traffic which can be driven from various social media platforms, and consequently the sales which can be secured from this relatively new marketing strategy.

The benefits of undertaking PPC, SEO and social media combined

Undertaking a wide spread, carefully planned social media marketing campaign (in addition to undertaking PPC and SEO campaigns) can often very quickly increase the volume of buyer-ready traffic to your site.

It also gives your company a chance to openly communicate and engage with your target demographic- allowing you to improve your customer relations and customer service. It also allows you to connect and network with other experts in your industry, positioning you firmly in front of your competition.

Finally,  engaging in social media marketing also allows your company to leave a lasting Google footprint. This is because the websites which have a wide social presence are also more likely to be ranked higher in the search engine results pages due to their popularity.

How does TRON do social media marketing?

TRON Media’s approach to social media marketing  is that in this online world which is constantly evolving and changing, it’s vital to stay up to date with all of the goings on in the industry. 

To do this it’s become increasingly important to conduct regular research into the latest social media strategies. TRON Media take pride in thoroughly researching all of the outlets and social platforms which are specific to each individual client’s niche market. This allows TRON Media SEO company  to tap into the maximum potential for delivering a pleasing return on investment.

The most popular and widely used sites for social media marketing include:





While the most popular blogging sites are:






About TRON Media

TRON Media are an experienced and independent UK Search Marketing and Media Agency specialising in Pay Per Click management, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing and Website Design. Feel free to give our team a call today on 0203 167 0965. All will be happy to help with any enquiry.

Editors note:

This Press Release was written by Jo-Anne Keyte, and distributed by Sarah Duley.  Please direct all press queries to Jo-Anne Keyte email: or call: 02031670969.


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TRON Media SEM agency are an experienced and independent UK Search Marketing and Media Agency specialising in Pay Per Click management, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media and Website Design.