Penicuik Wines’ Truly Energy Efficient Refrigerated Merchandisers

True cabinets save over 25% compared to retailer’s previous units

“The True cabinets save more than 25% in energy costs, compared to the previous refrigeration units we had,” says David Seez, owner of Penicuik Wines.

In fact, energy saving wasn’t the main reason for buying the True glass merchandisers. The independent wine and spirit merchant, in Penicuik near Edinburgh, had been looking for cabinets that were built to last. “The old units kept breaking down. Self-service merchandisers need to be tough and the quality of build, with their extended warranty, made True the obvious choice,” says David Seez.

Penicuik Wines sells to a knowledgeable and ‘occasionally fussy’ customer base. “Of course we stock £6 bottles, but we also supply wines costing £50 or more. They tend to sell less frequently, which means our storage has to be top quality. Wine needs to be kept at a stable temperature and the True cabinets deliver this consistently, throughout the cabinet.

“We have a customer who used to always seek out bottles from the back of the old cabinets, because they were colder. She doesn’t need to bother now, thanks to True!

“They also pull down to temperature very quickly, which is great when we restock the cabinets and need to chill the drinks.”

Red wine storage has been improved by the True cabinet, too. “The old cabinets used to chuck out so much heat, I worried that the temperature and dryness of the air could affect the condition of the red wines we stocked. With the True cabinets, there is much less waste heat.”

The True cabinets at Penicuik Wines are three GDM-45 units, each measuring 1998mm high by 1299mm wide and 759mm deep. Each cabinet has 1275litres of storage behind two space-saving sliding glass doors. The doors feature a counter-balanced weight system for positive, smooth and even self-closing. High density foam insulation and double pane, low-e argon-filled, thermal glass assemblies give excellent temperature retention as well as keeping out harmful UV rays, while the heavy-duty, factory-balanced refrigeration system holds temperature at 0.5 to 3.3°C.

The GDM-45’s refrigeration is bottom-mounted, which means the ‘no stoop’ lower shelf gives maximum product visibility. It also allows easy access to the condenser coil for cleaning and gives storage space on top of the cabinet.

“While merchandisers need to be built to last, they also need to look good and these True models are very attractive,” says David Seez. They have a black exterior and a bright, well-lit interior. They are used to chill wine, beer, cider and soft drinks.

When first installed, the True units worked alongside the old, smaller capacity, non-True merchandisers. “The big difference we noticed immediately was how quiet the True cabinets were.” It was when the old cabinets finally broke down and were disposed of that David Seez realised the big energy savings the True cabinets were delivering. “We decided not to replace the old ones, instead we redesigned the shop and went from six merchandisers down to three. Obviously we knew this would impact on the energy consumption. But I had no idea what a huge impact it would be.

“When I checked the meter reading I realised we had reduced energy consumption by about 57%." A figure that David Seez says is “Even more impressive when you consider that all the lights, tills, computers, kettle and heaters are included in the annual bill.

“In other words, my three old cabinets were costing over 25% more per year to run. I love my Trues!”

The complete True Refrigeration range is available through dealers across the UK and Ireland. For more information visit or call True UK on +44 (0) 1709 888888.

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