TruGreen Specialist Remains Calm in the Line of Fire to Save Family’s Home


April 2 seemed like any other workday for Heriberto Delarosa III, lawn specialist for the Marysville branch, a satellite office of the Macomb, Mich., branch, but it turned out to be anything but ordinary. While Herb was out on his route performing a routine application for a customer, he smelled smoke nearby. He walked around the corner of the house he was servicing and saw that a refrigerator box had caught fire on the side of the neighbor’s house.

Herb ran to the house and knocked on the door to tell the owners that their home was on fire and to call 911. After the family evacuated the house, Herb went over to where the fire had started and saw that the side of the garage was now burning. By this time the fire had grown and flames were hitting the overhang of the two-story house.

Herb noticed a garden hose hanging on a reel attached to the side of the house where the fire had started. The hose reel had already started melting, but Herb was able to grab the hose and put out the flames before the fire department even arrived. The firefighters who responded to the call said that if Herb had done nothing except call 911, the house would have been fully enveloped in flames by the time they had arrived.

“We are all very proud of Herb for his quick action,” said Bob Havlish, branch supervisor for the Marysville branch. “He is a hero to all of us.”

The homeowner was grateful for Herb’s quick thinking that saved her family and their home, which had just been repaired from a garage fire in September of 2010. Thank you, Herb, for living the ServiceMaster mission by not only improving the quality of your customers’ lives, but also the lives of those around you.

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