Setra Kastet invests in energy-smart continuous kiln from Valutec

Setra Kastet sawmill in Gävle plans to increase its drying capacity by 50,000 m3 with a new continuous kiln from Valutec. The kiln has been adapted for Setra Kastet’s trolley-handling system and will be delivered as a turnkey project in mid 2016.
“We are impressed by their system for energy recovery. It’s liquid-borne and provides a really first-rate basis for saving and reusing energy in the kiln,” says Ove Sjögren, Mill Manager at Setra Kastet.

He adds
“The continuous kiln also offers excellent performance in terms of energy supply per dried cubic metre. Energy-smart processes are an important aspect for us, and this combined with previous positive collaboration led us to choose Valutec,” explains Ove.

This deal is the second in a relatively short space of time between Valutec and Setra Kastet. In 2013, Valutec delivered and commissioned two batch kilns equipped with Valmatics control systems.

The continuous kiln that Kastet has now invested in is an FB kiln, which means that the drying process is divided into two separate zones. The second zone acts as an equalisation zone, which affords several quality benefits compared with drying in just a single zone.

The Valmatics control system and the ValuSim simulator will be included in the delivery, and the continuous kiln will be adapted for pine in dimensions of 25 to 34 mm. Since Setra Kastet uses cranes instead of trucks to handle its trolleys, Valutec will customise the continuous kiln during construction to meet Kastet’s needs.
“We have a flexible product range with scope for customisation. We are also well used to this type of solution, as trolley handling by crane is very common in Finland where we have also been operating for a long time,” says Robert Larsson, CEO of Valutec.

The continuous kiln will be delivered and installed in mid 2016 and will be put into operation in August next year. For Setra Kastet, which had a production volume of 220,000 m3 in 2013, the continuous kiln from Valutec represents a significant capacity increase.
“It’s a great feeling to be involved and continue to contribute to Setra Kastet’s development. We know one another well and look forward to continued positive collaboration to develop their timber drying processes,” says Robert.

Setra Kastet currently has five continuous kilns and two batch kilns.

For additional information, please contact
Robert Larsson, CEO, Valutec

tel. +46 (0)70 336 40 58

Ove Sjögren, Mill manager, Setra Kastet
tel. +46 (0)76 806 25 15

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