Valutec supplies customised batch kilns to Vida's sawmill in Hästveda

Vida has invested in two batch kilns from Valutec in order to provide scope of increased production capacity in Hästveda. The construction of the kilns will begin in September, with commissioning planned for the end of November.
"Valutec is offering an attractive solution that is suitable for its intended purpose. Choosing Valutec as our supplier again feels both positive and secure," says Daniel Andersson, CEO of Vida HN.

There are currently two Valutec progressive kilns at Vida's facility in Hästveda. These were the result of two previous investments aimed at increasing drying capacity. 

"We are extremely satisfied with our previous two projects. Valutec built the kilns quickly and the system is operationally reliable, and as a result we have enjoyed very good output from the wood drying process in both the short and long term. The quality has also been high, with an even target moisture content and low checking, and this is important for us bearing in mind our meticulous approach to deliveries to our own customers," says Daniel Andersson.

The two batch kilns that Valutec is now supplying are wider than normal, in order to be used for timber packages in various lengths. The combined capacity of the kilns is up to 30,000 m3 per year, and they will primarily be used for spruce timber in thicknesses ranging from 63 – 75 mm.

"It is always a matter of finding the right solution based on the unique conditions at each sawmill. In order to optimise the investment in new drying capacity, we decided to design the kilns a little wider than normal to match Vida's package lengths. We are looking forward to the project," says Robert Larsson, CEO at Valutec.

Vida HN saws and planes spruce timber for various types of construction timber, intended principally for the building trade.

"By increasing our drying capacity, we can see considerable opportunities to continue the positive development of our deliveries, above all to our main markets – the Netherlands, the UK and Sweden," says Daniel Andersson.

For additional information, please contact
Robert Larsson, CEO Valutec
+46 (0)910-879 51

Daniel Andersson, CEO, Vida HN
+46 (0)451- 451 01

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