Virtual Care Works Gets a Glowing Review in Home Care Technology Report

Ease of use and high call quality called out as "superior"

Virtual Care Works was featured in Tim Rowan's Home Care Technology Report, an industry resource for over 12,000 subscribing home health professionals.

Product evaluators gave the platform a positive review, "Overall, we found the VCW system to be easy to use, to offer high call quality, and to answer all HIPAA compliance concerns for video communications, document exchange and secure texting."


About Us

Virtual Care Works (VCW) provides secure, “medical-grade” communications solutions for health care providers. The VCW platform includes tools to converse with colleagues and patients via videoconference, exchange medical data and images via secure email or text and collaborate across a secure, HIPAA-compliant network. VCW has members nationwide and is headquartered outside of Denver, CO.