Käringsund Triathlon is upgraded

Käringsund Triathlon will be upgraded for the 2015 triathlon held on 28-29 August in Käringsund in Åland. This year’s triathlon is the first Nordic triathlon contest that offers qualifying slots for the prestigious Escape from Alcatraz 2016. Käringsund Triathlon 2015 offers one qualifying slot in each adult age group in the half distance race. 

-The contestants with the ambition to compete for qualifying slots for Escape from Alcatraz held in California in June 2016 are separated at race registration from those who only wish to race for a position and time at Käringsund Triathlon. Anyone running for qualifying times will carry a symbol for his/her age group on the calf during the race so he/she will be recognized by other competitors during the race. The urge to get a ticket to Alcatraz is hard for many and preparations require often long and strenuous efforts. Thus you have to know when to go for it during the race, says Ia Colérus who is responsible for the race arrangements in Käringsund.

-What’s more, the contest also has a draw in which anyone who completes the half distance series for "Escape TO Alcatraz" can win a qualifying slot. Thus, it pays not to give up, you can still be a winner, says Ia.

Käringsund Triathlon has thus been established as the qualifying competition for one of the world's most historic and unique triathlon races. Escape from Alcatraz has been arranged since 1981 and it is one of the world's oldest and perhaps the most legendary triathlon after Kona in Hawaii. The number of contestants is limited to 2,000 and it can only be accessed through the qualification, lottery or charity donations.

Escape from Alcatraz does not follow the traditional distance divisions between swimming, cycling and running. The swimming starts with a jump from the boat next to Alcatraz and the distance is approximately 2.5km in a 12-13 Celsius-degree water in a strong stream. Cycling takes place along a newly paved route of about 35 km on a hilly terrain past the Golden Gate Bridge. The running track represents approximately 13km on varying surface. However, the most famous batch is undoubtedly the high sand dunes with over 400 "loose sand steps" that take the energy out of many contestants before the finish at San Francisco's Marina Green. The whole competition takes place in San Francisco’s major tourist center and is nowadays one of the city's most distinctive profile events.

Mr Hubertus von Frenckell, the initiator of Käringsund Triathlon wants to emphasize that the upgraded event does not change the original aim and ambition of the Käringsund race that is characterized as a nice and charming but professional triathlon event for the whole family and with a strong focus on youth and sports education;

-We still believe in the same values. In other words the event should be for everyone, from amateurs to elite athletes and from toddlers to seniors. All in the triathlon family should have a choice and a great weekend with us. Even if we are not hosting the Finnish junior championship finals anymore, we continue to work for junior and youth sports. To our knowledge, we are still the only competition in the world with prize money to young people only. We focus on the age when youth sports have the highest drop-out and the time young people need all the motivation possible to continue sports and becoming sportsmen.

-The location of Åland is fantastic considering the proximity to both the Swedish and Finnish triathlon families with the ambition to redeem a trip to California. The ferry over from Sweden to Åland takes 1 hour and 45 minutes, and the competition is at walking distance from the ferry terminal in Eckerö. Norwegian flies from Stockholm to Oakland so both races are conveniently available, says Hubertus.

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