Kastelholm talks on peace 2017

Finland as a neighbour

- boundaries and boundlessness over the past century 

The Kastelholm talks of 2017 will highlight the centenary celebration of Finland, discussing the topic "With Finland as a neighbour - boundaries and boundlessness over the past century". The Kastelholm talks are recurring talks on peace issues, held on the Åland Islands under the patronage of former President of Finland, Tarja Halonen, who attends the talks from time to time.

The Kastelholm talks will be held on 30 March 2017, the day of Åland’s demilitarisation. In a discussion ranging from the past to the present and on to the future, it will be assessed how the neighbours might be viewing the developments in Finland and how Finland might view its neighbours.

When Finland gained its independence in 1917, Sweden, Russia and other countries around the Baltic Sea and in the Nordic region got a new neighbour. A little later Åland became autonomous, and hereby became an ”internal neighbour” for Finland, in a process that also engaged the surrounding world. What have the last one hundred years entailed for the neighbourhood, and what can we expect from the next century, in view of the past? What relationships and identities will Finland, Åland and their neighbours develop in a neighbourhood of transformation of a world that is becoming increasingly boundless?

The Kastelholm talks are in Swedish and the talks consist of two parts. First there is a panel discussion for some 100 invited guests in the castle of Kastelholm, where a panel consisting of distinguished politicians, diplomats and researchers will discuss the topic of the year with a moderator. Secondly, a roundtable discussion will be held in nearby restaurant Smakbyn. The later discussion is open to the public.

The Kastelholm talks of 2017 are supported by the Government of Åland together with the foundations Svenska folkskolans vänner, Letterstedtska föreningen and the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation. The Kastelholm talks of 2017 form part of the Finnish national program for the centenary celebration of Finland.

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The Åland Islands Peace Institute is an independent foundation that specialises in research, education and information. Peace, conflict and conflict resolution are the three main areas of activity for the Åland Islands Peace Institute. These wide areas are mainly considered through the special status and competencies of Åland: autonomy within Finland, minority rights, demilitarisation and neutralisation. More information can be found at www.peace.ax.

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