Visit Åland launches a new main brochure

The goal of Visit Åland’s new main brochure is to present the wide range of experiences the Åland Islands have to offer and to inspire potential visitors to find out more about our destination. In 2015 we focus on children and active family vacations.

“There’s so much to showcase! We’ve decided to highlight the genuine Åland experiences and the hidden gems as well as to create attention towards our island realm. More detailed information about travelling to Åland can be found at” says Visit Åland’s CEO Lotta Berner Sjölund.

Visit Åland’s new main brochure will be mainly distributed outside Åland and it is available in five languages; Finnish, Swedish, English, German and Russian. The focus on the highlighted experiences vary according to language and the target market.

For a broader picture of Åland as a place of residence, we have also cooperated with the local pro-immigration project Arbeta & Bo. The brochure has been produced in cooperation with the advertising agency April kommunikation.

For more information contact CEO Lotta Berner Sjölund at Visit Åland

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