Now all Vodafone Sweden's business customers can use Vodafone's BlackBerry®service

Now all Vodafone Sweden's business customers can use Vodafone's BlackBerry®service The global success story BlackBerry®is taking another major step into the Swedish market, with Vodafone Sweden now offering all its business customers the chance to receive e-mail directly to their BlackBerry handsets, regardless of location. With BlackBerry®from Vodafone, now even companies without their own e-mail servers can send and receive as much mail as they want at a fixed monthly price of SEK 399/user. The price also includes Vodafone's new exclusive mobileBlackBerry handset 7100v® or aBlackBerry 7230®. Vodafone Sweden has, since this spring, been the only operator in Sweden to offer the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution to larger companies. BlackBerry is a wireless solution that pushes e-mail automatically to your BlackBerry handset without you first having to connect up. Vodafone is now introducing the BlackBerry Internet Service®* which also enables small and medium-sized businesses without e-mail servers to use this fantastic solution developed and manufactured by Research In Motion (RIM). "Our goal is to offer the best business solutions in the market and we have received a tremendous response from customers who have been BlackBerry users since we first launched it in May. Now we are also making it possible for small and medium-sized businesses to receive e- mails directly in their BlackBerry handsets and to see for themselves how BlackBerry makes everyday working life simpler, more convenient and more efficient," says Geraldine Wilson, Chief Commercial Officer at Vodafone Sweden. "We have great belief in our new handset BlackBerry 7100v which both in size and function corresponds to what many business customers ask for - the combination of easy access to voice services and immediate access to e-mail." Push Mail technology sends e-mails directly to handsets With BlackBerry from Vodafone, e-mail is forwarded automatically to the user's Blackberry handset using BlackBerry's Push technology and Vodafone's GPRS network. There is no need to dial up. Users can receive, send, edit and forward e-mails direct from the handsets from almost any location, as well as view and forward attachments in formats including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe (pdf). What's more, all BlackBerry models have integrated mobile phones for making calls and sending SMS. In other words this is nothing less than a complete communications centre that helps take job efficiency to new heights. With the BlackBerry Internet Service, all companies with Internet-based e-mail solutions (such as IMAP4 or POP3) can use the service. Customers get a new e-mail account and can also integrate up to 10 existing accounts with their BlackBerry handset. They can also choose which e- mail account to use with their signature function. Vodafone's exclusive BlackBerry 7100v® now also in Sweden Vodafone currently has two BlackBerry models available - BlackBerry 7100v and BlackBerry 7230 - both of which feature a customized Vodafone user interface. The BlackBerry 7100v is a new, unique and stylish handset, specially designed for Vodafone, which combines convenient access to voice services with always on e-mail access. Equipped with RIM's new SureType® keyboard technology, writing and sending e-mails on a mobile phone design has now been made even faster and simpler. The BlackBerry 7100v also has a colour screen with 65,000 colours, 32 MB of memory, integrated organiser and browser, quad band, a speakerphone and Bluetooth®support. The classic BlackBerry 7230® is handheld form factor designed for more intensive data use. It features an easy-to-use Qwerty keyboard as well as a large colour screen and illuminated background for trouble-free e- mail reading. The BlackBerry 7230 also has integrated mobile phone, organiser and browser. Can be used abroad in 24 countries BlackBerry is perfect to take on business trips and for keeping touch with colleagues and customers at home. Vodafone currently offers GPRS roaming** in 24 countries and the list keeps growing. Fixed price for sending and receiving e-mail Vodafone, is for the BlackBerry Internet Service, offering a specially tailored BlackBerry subscription at a monthly fee of SEK 279 (excluding VAT) allowing users to send and receive unlimited e-mail within Vodafone Sweden's network. The fixed price does not cover traffic rates for calls and SMS. With the increased monthly fee, the price of this e-mail service including the BlackBerry Wireless Handheld® is (excluding VAT): · SEK 399/month per user with the BlackBerry 7100v (18-month BlackBerry subscription). After the subscription period the price is SEK 279/month. The 7100v is expected to be available in stores from mid-October. · SEK 399/month per users with the BlackBerry 7230 (24-month BlackBerry subscription). After the subscription period the price is SEK 279/month. BlackBerry is also available as a supplementary service for SEK 279/ month (excluding VAT) and the BlackBerry models can be purchased separately. Vodafone's recommended retail prices for BlackBerry Wireless Handhelds are (excluding VAT): · SEK 3,995 for the BlackBerry 7230 · SEK 2,995 for the BlackBerry 7100v Press pictures of BlackBerry 7230 and BlackBerry 7100v are available at: For more information about BlackBerry, please and * BlackBerry Internet Service is the new product name for what has previously been called BlackBerry Web Client. **When used abroad, there is an extra cost for roaming traffic, which is debited according to the applicable pricelist. For more information, please contact: Vodafone Sweden: Geraldine Wilson,Chief Commercial Officer, Vodafone Sweden +46 734 25 26 27, Klas Wallström, Director Business Segment, Vodafone Sweden +46 709 61 47 33, Johan Holmgren, Director of Public Relations, Vodafone Sweden +46 708 33 14 00, RIM/BlackBerry Europe: Tilly Quanjer, Senior Communications Manager, RIM +44 1784 223987 e-mail: The BlackBerry, SureType and RIM family of related marks, images and symbols are the exclusive properties of, and trademarks of Research In Motion Limited, used by permission . ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download:

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