Wheatland Tube expands electrical portfolio with two new products

CHICAGO (March 2, 2015) Wheatland Tube, a division of JMC Steel Group, has added two new electrical products to its portfolio: SmartSet EMT with a built-in set screw coupling and the SpeedCouple pre-installed swivel coupling. The new electrical metallic tubing and coupling products offer electrical contractors cost-effective, efficient solutions for electrical raceway installations.

SmartSet EMT features a built-in set screw coupling that eliminates the need to purchase, inventory and install separate couplings — which can increase productivity and reduce project costs. SmartSet EMT is available in 10- and 20-foot lengths and in nine easy-to-identify colors.

SpeedCouple is a pre-installed swivel coupling that features easy lead-in tapered threads to offer optimal performance for tight spots, saddles, offsets, trenches and duct banks. SpeedCouple can save up to 50 percent in material costs when compared to standard three-piece couplings. And because contractors can simply turn the coupling to connect two pieces of conduit together, SpeedCouple reduces installation time. SpeedCouple is available for 10- and 20-foot DuraGuard rigid, intermediate metal conduit and elbows, in trade sizes 2–5.

“Wheatland Tube continues to evolve its product offering to help the electrical contractor reduce costs and make electrical raceway installations easier. We are excited to introduce these two new products into the marketplace for our end-user customers,” said Jim Hays, president of the Wheatland Tube electrical division.

SmartSet EMT and SpeedCouple are now available throughout North America. For additional information, visit wheatland.com/smartset or wheatland.com/speedcouple


Jelani Rucker
Vice President of Marketing and Business Development

JMC Steel Group



About Wheatland Tube

Wheatland Tube produces a broad spectrum of steel electrical conduit, including intermediate metal conduit (IMC), electrical metallic tubing (EMT) and DuraGuard™ hot-dipped steel rigid metal conduit. We also supply a full line of steel and aluminum elbows and nipples, steel couplings, and rigid aluminum conduit and couplings.

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About JMC Steel Group
JMC Steel Group includes the operating divisions of Atlas Tube, Picoma, Energex Tube, Sharon Tube and Wheatland Tube. It is the largest independent manufacturer of hollow structural sections (HSS) and steel pipe, and the top producer of electrical conduit and fittings in North America. JMC Steel Group delivers a broad range of pipe and tube solutions that build its customers' success.

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The first piece of pipe came off a Wheatland production line in 1931, so we’ve had decades to learn the pipe and tube business. Over the years we’ve developed the expertise and knowledge to meet those needs. We produce well over a million tons of steel pipe, conduit and tube products a year, operate six manufacturing facilities and furnish products used in energy generation, industrial applications, the construction industry and in consumer products.




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