Whitelines Link connects two life essentials, your notepad and your smartphone, and adds convenience to your everyday activities.

In 2006 the Swedish innovative notepaper company Whitelines changed the conversation in the market. Simply by launching the straightforward yet elegant idea of white lines against a light grey background. Now it is their time again with Whitelines  Link. By connecting the probably two most essential communication tools in a contemporary person’s life, the notepad and the smartphone, Whitelines now adds tangible convenience to your everyday activities and working life. Whether you are an illustrator, a stop-motion animator, a journalist, a project manager, a lawyer, a student… The creative shortcuts provided by Whitelines Link are as versatile as your requirements.

About Whitelines Link

Whitelines Link is a creative tool that connects your
notepad with your smart phone. The magic takes place when the Whitelines Link scanner–app and a Whitelines Link paper meet. As the four corner markers are visible in the display the user waits for a short moment and the motif is captured automatically. To save and share one of the papers, quick boxes are ticked. Expedient, fast and very easy.

Johanna Ragnartz, Managing Director
“We are happy now to make Whitelines Link available for both Apple and Android users. This is an agile tool that adds convenience and smartness to people’s everyday lives. It can be used to capture a thought or an idea, but also as a working tool for any graphical activities.
Whitelines Link meets real needs, it’s not a fashion product. Its’ applications are versatile and will increase together with the inventiveness of its users. Whitelines Link has the potential to become very popular and widespread. We expect to see a positive tipping point happening very soon.”

Olof Hansson, Co-founder and Innovator
"Whitelines regards ideas and ingenuity as something that deserves a proper handling. Our vision is to support people’s creativity and ideas. With Whitelines Link the user can share and store thoughts, sketches and writings in a convenient and simple way. This is only the beginning of a new way to work and play, this is a new behaviour taking shape."

Get enlightened and inspired.

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As an accredited journalist you can also order a free notepad directly from Whitelines. Email your postal address to link@whitelines and state “lined” or “squared” in the subject line.

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