Exlogs Canine Services presents new way forward for security dog services

Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire, 26th January  2011: Specialists in mine and explosives detection using dog teams, UK-based MineTech International is expanding its canine support to the global security market. Through a dedicated new division, Exlogs Canine Services, it is investing in developing new services and solutions that will incorporate Mine Detection Dogs (MDD), Explosives Detection Dogs (EDD), Improvised Explosive Detection Dogs (IEDD), Narcotics Detection Dogs (NDDs) and Patrol Dogs (PD).

An internationally respected breeder and specialist supplier of high performance mine detection dog teams, supporting its own mine and explosives clearance services for 12 years, MineTech’s move follows a steady increase in the level of canine support the company has been providing to the sector at high security facilities in both Afghanistan and Iraq.  More than 120 specialist dogs have been in action across the region implementing explosives, narcotics and patrol detection programmes both in airports and embassies, already providing a high level of support to the security industry in these sensitive areas.

MineTech is joined by leading international dog trainer and specialist Paul Brown. As Senior Director of Exlogs Canine Services, Paul brings more than 20 years experience at the forefront of developing innovative, effective canine training and management solutions, in the military, humanitarian and private security sectors.

Says Paul Brown, “Building on a strong tradition of canine excellence, and as part of a long-established, multinational organisation with extensive resources and experience of delivering services in complex and post-conflict environments, Exlogs Canine Services is looking to deliver tailored and integrated solutions managed by highly competent professionals in this increasingly important area.”

Established providers of MDD and EDD services, Exlogs Canine Services can provide auditing, advice, and training assistance alongside its turn-key detection dog services and national capacity building programmes.

Exlogs Canine Services launches with full ISO certification, US Department of Defence, NATO and US Department of Treasury compliance as well as comprehensive operating procedures that can be tailored to individual contracts and environments. The company is also supporting the industry best practices developed by SWGDOG, the Scientific Working Group on Dog and Orthogonal Detector Guidelines.

Exlogs Canine Services has a 60-acre breeding and training facility in Pretoria, South Africa which today is an internationally recognised centre of excellence. The organisation is also working with quality breeders and suppliers across the globe, developing additional supply sources and supporting a commitment to offer flexible services and rapid deployment.

As well as the EDD, IEDD, NDD and PD services for the security sector, Exlogs Canine Services can provide specialised services for weapons and contraband, currency, search and rescue and human remains detection. More information at www.minetech.co.uk.

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