WiMP cranks up the sound

Great news for all sound enthusiasts today, as music streaming service WiMP upgrades the sound quality for all its users. The entire catalogue of some 20 million licensed tracks is in the process of being replaced with new files encoded from CD-quality using Dolby Media Generator. Next step – lossless and HD-testing and aim of Premium Plus product.

Music streaming service WiMP today announce that all its users can enjoy new and improved sound quality, no upgrade necessary.

WiMP allows its users to chose between Standard and High Quality in the service, the Standard quality now upgraded from AAC+ 64 to AAC+ 96 and the high quality from AAC 256 to AAC 320.

“In cooperation with one of Norway’s most prominent mastering studios, we’ve been performing a vast amount of tests to determine the best format for any device with minimal loss, no matter if users are on their impressive home stereo solution or phones with cheap ear buds,” says Product Director and CEO of WiMP Music Norway, Per Einar Dybvik.

The sound quality project by WiMP has been ongoing for some months now, and consists of several phases. The first phase replaced all source files to CD-quality and made sure no source files in the catalogue were transcoded from lossy files. Then, all files were encoded from fresh, using improved settings for even better sound.

The project has been conducted in close cooperation with Propeller Mastering engineer Chris Sansom, who will also be joining WiMP at Norway’s biggest music conference by:Larm this week. WiMP will showcase the new and improved sound and also participate in a panel on ‘From studio to stream’ with Sansom, producer Morten Lindberg and artist Bugge Wesseltoft.

WiMP also introduce the next step of the project at by:Larm, a beta test of lossless streaming to specific devices, namely Android phones, Sonos and Bluesound HiFi stereo systems. Lossless files will be delivered in flac format. Needless to say, lossless means with no audio compression. WiMP will also be looking into launching a new Premium Plus product at a higher price.

WiMP will also introduce a playlist with HD-content to further test the possibilities for future products.

Small sound quality dictionary:

  • Lossy sound (algorithmically compressed formats such as mp3, AAC, Vorbis)
  • Lossless, used to describe CD-quality 44.1 kHz, 16-bit
  • HD, usually meaning 96 kHz, 24-bit or 192 kHz 24-bit

* The AAC+ 96 format is called HE AAC in the standard specifications, but has been branded AAC+.

Check out sound quality test playlist and much more details at http://wimpmusic.com/wweb/specials/audio/

For more information, please contact: Kristin Castillo Eldnes, Head of communication and PR, Tel: +47 908 07 389, kristin.eldnes@aspiro.com

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WiMP is a music streaming service focusing on inspiring users to find new music and old favorites. Through local editorial teams in each country, WiMP provides daily recommendations, tips and playlists for any occation. The ad-free service is available on computers and mobiles, tablets and network players. Read more on www.wimpmusic.com 


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WiMP is a music streaming service focusing on inspiring users to find new music and old favorites. Through local editorial teams in each country, WiMP provides daily recommendations, tips and playlists for any occasion. The ad-free service is available on computers and mobiles, tablets and network players. Read more on www.wimpmusic.com, www.wimp.no, www.wimp.dk, www.wimpmusic.se, www.wimp.de or www.wimp.pl