Winterhalter has massive impact on efficiency at two Michelin star venue

Restaurant Sat Bains with Rooms:

700 plates, 800 glasses, one dishwasher and one glasswasher

The two Michelin star Restaurant Sat Bains with Rooms in Nottingham celebrates modern British cuisine with seasonal produce from around the UK. The tasting menu format means that, while the restaurant only has around 45 covers, up to 700 plates can be used during each service. That’s a whole lot of washing up and, says Sat Bains, it needs to be turned round fast. However, space is limited and the restaurant has just one pass through dishwasher and one undercounter glasswasher. “We use Winterhalter because they offer the best package on the market. Not only in terms of the equipment, but also the customer support – they also supply us with our cleaning chemicals and service our warewashers.”

For dishes and cutlery Restaurant Sat Bains with Rooms has a Winterhalter Pass-Through machine. For glasses there is a Winterhalter UC undercounter machine with a mini RoMatik reverse osmosis water treatment system.

“We’re passionate about sustainability, the kitchen rule is: look after the equipment and it will look after you,” says Sat Bains. “That’s why we put the emphasis on having a good service contract. It keeps the equipment in good working order and there’s a definite yield in terms of business – ultimately, the longer the equipment lasts, the more economic it is. We’ve had the Winterhalter Pass-Through for a while now and we work it really hard, yet it looks like new.”

Sat Bains views the Pass-Through as the kitchen workhorse. “We push it to the limit sometimes, but it just keeps going and delivers great results.” A key element to the success of the dishwashing is the area itself. “Nathan Bland from Winterhalter said he wanted to design a wash area we’d never have to change. He did a great job, it’s totally efficient in terms of workflow, there’s space for everyone. Actually, visiting chefs are blown away when they see it, because it’s so obvious how well it works.”

Meanwhile the Winterhalter UC glasswasher, in combination with the RoMatik water treatment, has had a huge impact on the restaurant.

“I first saw the UC with a RoMatik when I was visiting Hibiscus in Mayfair,” says Sat Bains. “I was astonished when I saw the sommeliers take wine glasses out of the glasswasher and put them out to service, with no polishing.”

He set about finding out more and soon had the system installed. “The impact has been immense. We can use up to 800 glasses in a service. Before we had to polish every one by hand. It’s not just the time that it takes, it’s also the inevitable breakages.

“Now we hardly do any polishing and it has resulted in a massive increase in efficiency. With both glasswashing and dishwashing, the combination of Winterhalter equipment and chemicals gives us brilliant results.”

Winterhalter @ Restaurant Sat Bains with Rooms

The Winterhalter Pass Through dishwasher can process up to 60 (500mm x 500mm) racks per hour. A single-button, colour-coded control makes for easy operation and high-power nozzles develop enormous washing force. The hygienic interior and automatic self-cleaning programme ensure the highest standards of cleanliness, while the Mediamat Cyclo water filtration system cleans the wash water and cuts consumption. A resource-saving rinse system with a radical new design of water jet gives better rinse results, even though it uses less water, saving up to 20% in running costs compared to conventional designs.

Winterhalter modified the inlet and outlet layout in the wash area at Restaurant Sat Bains with Rooms. This sped up service output by maximising the efficiency of the workflow.

The UC-M glasswasher is capable of processing up to 48 (500mm x 500mm) racks per hour, or up to 77 per hour on its short programme. Its VarioPower washing system uses a special elliptical wash arm that creates a 'wash-field' of cleaning power and delivers superb results. VarioPower also allows the user to adjust the power and pressure to take account of how delicate or dirty the glasses, dishes or utensils are. The UC is tailored to the conditions on-site, a process carried out by the installation engineer, so that it works to optimum efficiency for the local conditions of, for example, water hardness.

The UC’s self-cleaning and decalcification programs cover the two main regular maintenance chores, while the error management system uses the touchscreen to warn users if anything goes wrong.

The RoMatik reverse osmosis system at Restaurant Sat Bains with Rooms is the new, mini ROXS. Reverse osmosis systems are recognised as the best way to treat water to ensure perfect glass and dish washing results, with no smears or odours. Water is passed though an ultra-fine membrane which removes nearly all the impurities and particles that cause cleaning problems.

However, traditional systems are large – often too large for the site. Winterhalter’s new mini-system measures just 469mm (h) x 142mm (w) x 515mm (d), so is easily small enough to fit beside or even on top of the warewasher. Yet it can process up to 90 litres of water per hour, removing 98% of particles. It combines all the benefits of a full-size system with low running costs and long service intervals.

Cover under Winterhalter’s Service package is available for all the company’s dishwashers and glasswashers and can be extended to cover conveyor systems, sinks, tabling and water softeners if required. Winterhalter can tailor the package to suit a customer’s individual needs and can even offer maintenance contracts for other manufacturers’ machines. Winterhalter runs a nationwide team of specialist service engineers and their first time fix rate is 96%.

Winterhalter’s Chemicals and Hygiene Division provides not only specialist warewasher chemicals but also a comprehensive range of cleaning products for the kitchen and other areas, including the restaurant, bar, washrooms and guest rooms. Winterhalter offers a comprehensive range of additional services such as staff training and hygiene schedules.

Winterhalter provides a total solution for warewashing, from pre-sales advice to after-sales service, training and maintenance. Alongside its market-leading dish and glasswashers, the company’s range includes utensil washers, advanced water treatment machines, cleaning chemicals and detergents. For further details, call Winterhalter on 01908 359000, see, or or email

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