Winterwoods Homes Foundation Pairs up with Sotheby’s International Realty to Donate Proceeds from Luxury Home to a Good Cause

The “Quintessential Luxury Brand” Helps Foundation Support a Good Cause

NELLYSFORD, VA March 19, 2012 -- A non-profit foundation that built a $2.9 million home as the cornerstone of an innovative philanthropic enterprise has found another way to sweeten the deal. By expanding its outreach through Sotheby’s and Concierge Auctions, the Winterwoods Homes Foundation hopes to lure those with an eye for distinctive luxury by adding an incentive to support a worthy cause and the thrill of a potential ‘bargain’ by auctioning the property to discerning clientele. The Dobie Mountain Lookout, a luxury log and timber frame home in the mountains of Georgia, is now positioned among the connoisseurs of distinctive properties – the “quintessential luxury real estate brand.”

If purchased before the auction, the buyer could save $1 million off the top of the original list price, and the Winterwoods Homes Foundation will still make good on its promise to use a portion of proceeds earmarked for a worthy cause.

With times being what they are, many non-profits would be hard-pressed to help find a potential home buyer, but knowing that the Foundation will consider that buyer’s charitable interests in making a gift of up to $100,000 just might help.

The Winterwoods Homes Foundation was recently named “the most innovative social enterprise” on a Wall Street Business Network program. The Foundation is the brainchild of Jeffery W. Caudill who comes from an extensive background in estate planning with Who’s Who clients, and who has established this home building enterprise as a means to not only benefit charitable causes near and dear to a buyer’s heart, but also to benefit the financial planning tools near and dear to their wallets. The Dobie Mountain Lookout is the cornerstone of the Winterwoods Homes Foundation, and the sale of this first home not only becomes the first source for donations to worthy causes but also becomes the impetus for future home projects that use the investment philanthropic model to perpetuate financial planning benefits as well as donations.

This particular home certainly plays to Sotheby’s reputation as a purveyor of the rare and valuable. Sotheby’s was founded in London on March 11, 1744, when Samuel Baker auctioned several hundred scarce and valuable books. The Dobie Mountain Lookout that is now headed to auction through Sotheby’s International and Concierge is not only a home with a rare and enviable view toward a national park and protected wilderness area, but it is fully furnished with rare antiques and materials from home and abroad, reclaimed wood that dates back more than three centuries and Irish blue stone such as that used in old castles and abbeys. With furnishings by an award-winning designer of luxury mountain lodges and gourmet appliances, the home is fully appointed, right down to the antique wine riddling rack fully stocked with fine wine.

The auction of the Dobie Mountain Lookout will be held on April 5th. The property is available for preview. For more information about the home, visit, or to speak with a representative of the Winterwoods Home Foundation, please call 434-361-1212.

Phone: 434-361-1212

Winterwoods Homes Foundation Pairs up with Sotheby’s International Realty to Donate Proceeds from Luxury Home to a Good Cause

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