CBI chooses webcasting software WorkCast to maximise reach of annual conference, with keynote speakers; PM David Cameron and many more

The CBI, Britain’s premier business lobbying organisation, held its annual conference on Monday, featuring many of Britain’s leading business voices as well as all three main party leaders.  David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband all took to the stage for a keynote speech and the event received wide spread media coverage throughout the day, especially around business leaders urging for free childcare extended to 1-2 year olds enabling more parents to work, raising family incomes and discussions around an EU referendum.

While hundreds of delegates attended the physical conference, many others logged into the live stream of the event through the CBI website on webcasting software platform, WorkCast.   WorkCast is an online events and presentation platform that runs highly interactive webinars, webcasting and virtual events.  WorkCast has seen a huge upsurge recently in companies running virtual events and hybrid conferences. “It’s when you take a physical event and extend the reach through live webcasting all or part of the event, or making it all available on-demand for people to watch speeches after the live event has taken place”.

“It saves time, travel and enables those who typically wouldn’t be able to attend an event to catch the speeches online, or even those who did attend, to watch the speeches again!  It doesn’t lose the interaction of a live event either.  The online event auditorium can pull through a live twitter feed referencing event hashtags, and most organisations run their webinars and virtual events full of online chat facilitating interaction,” Says Natasha McDonough, WorkCast’s Head of Marketing.

The CBI represents 190,000 businesses and its annual conference is arguably the most widely covered media event and high profile UK business event of the year.

“Once again we’re delighted to have WorkCast as our online events partner for our annual conference.  Technology is such an integral part of all our communications, especially our physical events. The live streamed webcast element of our annual conference is the best way to extend the reach of the physical day event, and with the embedded live twitter feed within the auditorium, it brought plenty of interaction alongside it.” Amy Swain, Group head of commercial development and corporate events, CBI.

All webcast’s from the CBI conference are available to view any time free of charge on WorkCast’s on-demand platform here. All 3 party leaders took live Q&A with some fantastic questions answered.


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