Free Webinar: Ultimate Inbound Marketing Masterclass

Inbound marketing is changing the way marketing professionals think and act. Inbound marketing is all about turning strangers into customers. It’s about creating fantastic content that helps your brand get found, trusted and ultimately gets potential customers to reach out to you and stay engaged.

Register for this webinar to find out how you can attract, convert, close and delight your customers with creative thinking for inbound marketing.

Customers read and download content and ultimately move through your marketing funnel as you ‘close’ and ‘delight’ them as returning customers and promoters of your brand and/or products!

This webinar will provide you with the knowledge and passion needed to get you started. It’ll also give you the space to start thinking creatively on how you can start thinking and acting Inbound!

We’ll demonstrate how to attract, convert, close and delight through short, sharp 15-minute sessions with marketing experts. 

Webinar Agenda

1.00pm: Introduction from Lara Doyle, Senior Content Manager, TFM&A Insights.

1.05pm: Attract - Buyer personas and changing the way you position your campaigns
PRESENTER: Eve Whitaker, Managing Director, The Eight
Content will include Eve’s “get off the dead horse” style presentation about why marketers continue to do the same thing despite their results not increasing! Change the way you think - start by looking at buyer personas. As a certified Inbound Marketer, Eve will demonstrate how to get started with your buyer personas.

1.15pm: Attract - The power of social!

PRESENTER: Aileen Cole, Client Partnership Executive at Insightpool/Director of Social Media, Insightpool 
Aileen will take you through her philosophy on how social is more than just a noise making tool - how its place in inbound marketing is critical not only from attracting people to your website but how it can strengthen and carve out your brand personality and gain trust.

1.30pm: Convert - Getting the most out of your content - from call to action through to nurturing

PRESENTER: Natasha McDonough, Head of Marketing, WorkCast 
Natasha will demonstrate how one solid piece of content or concept can spin off into multiple opportunities for lead capture and lead nurturing. Learn how to stimulate demand through the use of webinars, blogging, ebooks to surveys and how they can all complement one another.

1.45pm: CRO - Winning at Conversion Rate Optimisation 

Simon Cahill, CRO & Analytics Account Manager, Silverbean
Often an overlooked part of marketing - we’ll show you to get closer to your customers by winning at conversion rate optimisation. We’ll explore split testing, how to reduce your bounce rate, set goals and what ultimately gets your inbound leads over the line.

2.00pm: Delight - Turning customers into fans and advocates
PRESENTER: Chris Sheen, Head of Marketing, SaleCycle 
It’s one thing attracting your customers, it’s another turning them into fans and brand advocates. Chris Sheen talks you through how SaleCycle has created award winning content marketing to continue to delight SaleCycle customers.


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