7t launches a contingency management software package for Water Network Systems

7T LAUNCHES A CONTINGENCY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE PACKAGE FOR WATER NETWORK SYSTEMS The Danish software company, 7-Technologies, has released a new software package for preparation, implementation and maintenance of contingency plans for a water network systems. The software package, AQUIS Contingency Management Package, is based on well-proven technology. Should a contaminant be detected in the water, the operator can by using the AQUIS Contingency Management Package, quickly establish the entry point of the contaminant, how to limit the effect of the contaminant and also how to alleviate the problem. 'We have bundled parts of our already well proven AQUIS software platform to specifically address the implementation and maintenance of contingency plans' says Svend Strunge, Utility Director, 7T, and continues 'By packaging the software like this we make it easy and cost- effective for even small water companies to implement a model based contingency plan. Further by connecting the SCADA system and the model (going on-line) we make it possible for any water supplier to react promptly and correctly in case of an emergency'. The AQUIS software platform is one of the most advanced and powerful water network simulation tools for the water industry, enabling the end- user to improve system design and operation. Water companies around the world are today using AQUIS on-line and real-time in their day to day pro-active operational management of their assets. 'At Thames Water network modelling using AQUIS is an integrated part of our management of the system and development of contingency plans', says Mr. Rob Casey, Network Analysis Manager, Thames Water Utilities, who has lately utilised AQUIS to evaluate the distribution of water with time from major water sources as part of Thames' contingency planning on cryptospyridium. 'The wealth of facilities and excellent visualisation either on maps or 3D makes AQUIS our preferred tool for investigating flow distribution and water quality in our water network systems'. Likewise in Denmark's 2nd largest city, Århus, AQUIS has been a part of the contingency plan for a long time, 'We are utilising the facilities of AQUIS on a daily basis' says Mr. Kurt Brinkman, Technical Manager, Århus Municipality, 'Recently we faced entrainment of district heating water. By using AQUIS we identified the point of entrainment and we were able to isolate the contaminated area and use the flushing optimisation feature in AQUIS to tell us how we could most effectively clean the network by flushing through fire hydrants'. The Contingency Management Software Package consist of the following five modules: · Model Manager, enabling easy transfer of the Geographical Information Data (GIS) into the model. · Basic Hydraulic Module, performing the full hydraulic modelling of the water distribution system. · Water Quality Module, tracking the chemical composition of the water throughout the system. · Diagnostic Module, identifying the source of any entrained chemical or contaminant · Flushing module, optimising the flushing process to clean the network after a contamination. The Contingency Management Software Package is available today via our distributors and system integrators. 'Our vision is to produce software to ensure safe operations while at the same time optimising the use of scarce resources and protecting the environment' says Managing Director, Jens Krogh Løppenthien, 'We are therefore very proud to be the first company offering a dedicated Contingency Management Software Package' 7-Technologies is a Danish software company, developing and selling technical software products for the industry. 7-Technologies was acquired by the management in an MBO mid 2000, and is projecting a growth of approximately 80% in 2001, to generate a revenue of 30 mmDKK. 7-Technologies employs 45 staff. For further information, please contact: 7-Technologies A/S Bregnerødvej 94 3460 Birkerød Phone: +45 45 900 700 Fax: + 45 45 900 701 Web Site: www.7t.dk ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker http://www.waymaker.net The following files are available for download: http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2001/11/07/20011107BIT00320/bit0001.doc http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2001/11/07/20011107BIT00320/bit0001.pdf