The Online Flexible Solution to Equality and Diversity

ConstructED Online has been developed with the construction industry in mind. The basis of this online training package, is to take any member of staff, irrespective of level of responsibility or location, and provide the essential awareness, skills and understanding to adopt best practice in equality and diversity in the workplace.

The programme leads directly to a certified completion, which ensures all staff who undertake the training can be recognised for their achievement, and also allows training and development programmes to be effectively monitored and maintained. The training modules build an understanding of employees own rights and responsibilities and more than just providing the legislative framework, the training helps embed a realistic understanding of what this means, and how it is applied in practice.

This programme differs from other online products on the market in the following key ways:

  • Depth of understanding and awareness generated as a result of the training package - For those companies already utilising ConstructEd Online there is a recognisable difference in the way the workforce operates as a result of undergoing the training. ConstructED online does more than just tick boxes for the sake of compliance, and gives employees a real shared understanding of how equality and diversity helps them, and what best practice principles they should adopt.

  • Relevance to the construction sector – The product has been designed for maximum flexibility and also for businesses with a complex structure, multiple divisions and where the hierarchy of the business means that staff of all levels of experience and responsibility can gain equal access to the training.

  • Simple implementation – For site based staff with limited access to IT, there is the option to deliver the training in convenient locations as groups, such as local colleges, so that training can be delivered conveniently and quickly. For organisations with multiple tiers of staff and high levels of mobility, training can be undertaken individually and without time restrictions, and so training can be taken when opportunities arise.

  • Complete Management and Recording – The training module for a single organisation is linked and so all registered employees can be tracked to ensure they complete training, and as all training is certified, both the employee and the HR team and training deliverer is assured that the training has been delivered fully.

ConstructED Online is available as on a demo basis for organisations who are interested and can be accessed at For further information about ConstructED Online and what funding may be available to built environment contractors please contact John Raine on 0191 5166464.


For further information on this release please contact Mark Carton on 07891 851399 or email

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8degrees have developed the leading edge online solution for the construction industry, ConstructED. 8degrees is the proactive partner in the construction procurement sector, helping many of the Top 100 construction firms prepare and implement their own training on equality and diversity, and ensuring that sub contract supply chains for major housing associations can develop a positive approach to training their staff. We hold professional accreditations in a wide variety of specialist business activities from leadership and management, to legal sector and equality and diversity compliance.

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