A.S.Helsingö launches BAGEL Mini and NOVEL Mini handles

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New BAGEL Mini and NOVEL Mini handles from A.S.Helsingö – a combination of timeless design, fine handicraft, and high-end materials   

A.S.Helsingö launches two new handle models, BAGEL Mini and NOVEL Mini handles. The knobs are new members to the existing BAGEL and NOVEL handle series but are more petite in size and pair perfectly with both smaller furniture and kitchens. The new handles are designed by Jonas Nordgren and Ted Schauman. The designer duo are founders of the Copenhagen and Helsinki-based architecture and design studio Schauman & Nordgren Architects. The inspiration for the design is derived from geometric shapes and their manipulation. The timeless design makes it easy to combine the handles with a variety of furnishings, colors, materials. 

“In the design of the handle series, we opted for timelessness and simplicity. We aimed to create products that are long-lasting, adaptable for all kinds of homes and interior styles, and that you can combine with a wide variety of furniture. By combining high-quality materials with distinctive design and skillful handicrafts, the outcome is much more than a handle. The knob is like a piece of jewelry that gives the furniture a unique and finished look. The inspiration for the design itself came from the conceptual process in the works of artists Sol LeWitt and Walter de Maria and simple geometrical manipulations”, tells Jonas Nordgren, co-founder of Schauman & Nordgren Architects.

Locally made by Finnish artisans 

Like A.S.Helsingö’s other metallic handles, BAGEL Mini and NOVEL Mini handles are made of solid metal and handmade in the Finnish archipelago by local artisans. “The production process requires careful and meticulous work. The knobs are first carved from precious metals, after which each handle is finished and polished by hand. We leave them untreated, which makes them age naturally and beautifully. The more time passes, the more character the handles will get”, explains Anssi Jokinen, co-founder of A.S.Helsingö.

An eye-catching detail for your furniture 

A.S.Helsingö's initial design collaboration with Schauman & Nordgren Architects back in 2015 proved to be extremely successful. The BAGEL and NOVEL handles have been sold in thousands around the world and featured widely in design media. "Our customers have been asking for smaller, more delicate handles that would pair especially with smaller furniture pieces like sideboards. The new handle series is not a simple scale-down of the originals; the new models have a soul and design of their own", notes Sebastian Schauman, CEO of A.S.Helsingö. 

Availability and pricing  

The new BAGEL Mini and NOVEL Mini handles (à 25 EUR) come in brass, copper, polished aluminum, and black aluminum. They are available as of today at the A.S.Helsingö online store and sold to all EU countries, as well as Norway, Switzerland, the United States, and Canada. 


The high-resolution images of the BAGEL Mini and NOVEL Mini handles are available from this link.  

For further information, please contact:

Sebastian Schauman, CEO, founder 
sebastian.schauman@helsingo.com, +358 50 587 358


A.S.Helsingö is a Finnish design company that believes high-quality design should be within everyone’s reach. They offer kitchens, wardrobes, and storage units, that are built on IKEA’s cabinet frames. This allows them to offer high-class products at a competitive price. The selection is designed by top Scandinavian designers and made by Finnish craftsmen. All the products are sold to all EU countries, as well as to Norway and Switzerland through A.S.Helsingö online store.


Schauman & Nordgren Architects is a Copenhagen and Helsinki-based architecture and urban planning studio established by Ted Schauman and Jonas Nordgren. SNA works with architecture in a variety of scales, ranging from interiors and furniture design to architecture and urban planning. The studio specializes in architecture in urban conditions. Previously to establishing Schauman & Nordgren Architects with Ted, Jonas was elected by Wallpaper in 2005 as one of the world's "10 most-wanted designers". Since then, he has exhibited his product designs and furniture internationally.