THE ASHEN COLLECTION includes three new elegant tones inspired by the Nordic archipelago

THE ASHEN COLLECTION adds three elegant tones to A.S. Helsingö’s color palette. The collection is inspired by the Nordic archipelago nature. The delicate new tones shift their shade in harmony with natural light.

A.S.Helsingö launches three new colors that add gentle and sophisticated tones to the existent color selection. The ASHEN COLLECTION is inspired by Nordic archipelago nature, with unique hues of moss, lichen, and windy rocks. The new Ash Green, Ivory Beige and Dusty Rose match perfectly with each other and the previous colors.

The Ashen collection is designed by Ilona Palmunen, a creative director of A.S.Helsingö. The inspiration for the new colors came from the delicate shades seen in the nature of the Nordic archipelago. Soft tones are sensitive to the changes of light and transform together with their current environment. “These colors are the missing pieces of the puzzle to our palette adding classic elegance to our palette. The tones work well with the Nordic light and their hues shift beautifully along with the seasons. When creating the colors, I was heavily inspired by the colors of moss, lichen, heather, and bare rocks often found in the Nordic archipelago. The Ashen collection is designed to create a gentle and inviting feeling with different interiors and styles. It builds timeless beauty and continuity to A.S.Helsingö’s color selection”, explains Ilona Palmunen about the ideas behind the collection.

Tones that build a unique mood for your home

The three colors of the collection are carefully chosen to be easily combined with other tones and materials. Pale green, bright beige and muted rose enable the creation of different atmospheres. ”A.S.Helsingö’s mission is to create sustainable, beautiful interiors, that are pleasant to live in. Today, design fixtures are way too expensive with only a few being able to afford a unique design. Just as few have ever gone crazy with happiness because of the mundane fixture selection available. We want to offer everyone a chance to create interiors they feel they belong to – homes that feel like Sunday” tells Sebastian Schauman, a CEO of A.S.Helsingö.


The new ASHEN COLLECTION will be available in three different colors: Ash Green, Ivory Beige and Dusty Rose. The colors can be found at A.S.Helsingö online store from this day on. All A.S.Helsingö products will be sold to all EU countries, as well as Norway, Switzerland, the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. 


The high-resolution images of the ASHEN COLLECTION are available from this link.  

For further information, please contact:

Sebastian Schauman, CEO, founder, +358 50 587 358


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