A1M Pharma appoints Let ‘em know to reach out to international trade press

A1M Pharma has initiated cooperation within international PR with Let ‘em know, a company specializing in helping Swedish life science companies to reach decision makers in the international life science industry with information about the company, its innovations and products. The PR activities will be conducted in close collaboration with Laika Consulting, A1M Pharma's partner for Investor relations communication.

A1M Pharma focuses on the development of a treatment for preeclampsia and acute kidney injury, two indications with extensive medical needs globally. To engage Let ‘em know is a natural step in the process of increasing the visibility of the company among decision makers in the global life science community. Specifically, Let ‘em know will assist by creating exposure of A1M Pharma through articles in leading international trade media. Through these, the company will reach out to their readers, primarily in-licensing teams and other decision makers, including large international pharmaceutical companies.

The partnership has already begun. In conjunction with Nordic Life Science Days in Stockholm on 9-10 September, Let ‘em know arranged interviews for visiting international journalists with A1M Pharma's CEO Tomas Eriksson.

“The international journalists I talked to at Nordic Life Science Days showed great interest in the company and our development projects. It is obvious that our company is still relatively unknown outside Sweden, and I look forward to – with the assistance of Let ‘em know - changing this. Considering the intense phase of development that A1M Pharma now is entering, it becomes increasingly important to communicate news internationally. This is a long-term effort that will strengthen our ability to engage in constructive dialogues with international partners and investors,” says A1M Pharma's CEO, Tomas Eriksson.

“Both my partner Richard Hayhurst, based in the UK, and myself look forward to help create value for A1M Pharma through exposure in the international media. Our competence, which includes Richard Hayhurst’s 25 years of experience in international PR within life science and his extensive network of journalists and editors in leading trade press, are cornerstones for this work,” says Let ‘em know’s CEO Ola Björkman.

About pre-eclampsia and acute kidney injury

A1M Pharma develops a diagnostic method and treatment for pre-eclampsia, a condition that occurs during pregnancy and that affects around 10 million pregnant women worldwide each year, including around 5,000 in Sweden. The disease can currently not be detected during early pregnancy, it is difficult to diagnose later in pregnancy, and there is no effective treatment available other than an early termination of the pregnancy.

Additionally, the company’s research and development program includes a possible treatment of acute kidney injury. Acute kidney injury is a condition often accompanying major surgery, critically ill conditions and transplantation and it represents a substantial unmet medical. For this indication, preclinical collaboration is ongoing with Professor Faikah Güler at the Hannover Medical School in Germany.

For more information, please contact:

Tomas Eriksson, CEO of A1M Pharma AB
Email: te@a1m.se
Telefon: +46 46-286 50 30

A1M Pharma, founded by researchers at Lund University, was formed in 2008. The company's current main focus is the development and commercialization of a diagnostic test and treatment of pre-eclampsia. The drug development is based on A1M, a protein with the properties to protect from toxic substances formed in oxidative stress and to repair damaged tissue. The development of a diagnostic test is based on detection of fetal hemoglobin, a biomarker which is elevated in the mother's blood during pre-eclampsia. The diagnostic test is able to detect women at risk of developing preeclampsia at an early stage of their pregnancy. The company has also decided to add drug development work geared towards kidney damage to their portfolio.

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