What Does It Take to Be 'LMHC' Certified?

AAPC authors are qualified professionals in various disciplines, certified in their respective fields.

But what do these certifications mean?

The term “LMHC” as a part of somebody’s professional title means that he or she is a licensed mental health counselor. LMHCs hold many types of job duties depending on the focus of the practice where they are employed, but, in general, they help clients/patients through difficult life events and issues, including a death in the family, a divorce, a physical illness, etc. In many cases, they diagnose and help people manage serious mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder (Mental Health Counselor, n.d.).

While many use cognitive therapy, some also employ supplementary therapies based on the particular population they are working with. It is not uncommon for LMHCs to specialize in a particular population such as the elderly (Mental Health Counselor, n.d.). Even though these professionals don’t prescribe medications, they have a broad knowledge base of common psychoactive medications, including contraindications and side effects.

LMHCs often work in a team setting consisting of doctors, nurse specialists, psychologists, or social workers across a variety of agencies, including individual and family services, hospitals, and inpatient and outpatient mental health facilities.

Even though the curriculum requirements vary, a master’s degree is required by all 50 states in order to be considered a mental health counselor. Additionally, many states require that the degree program being pursued is accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs.

AAPC authors who have gained this status include:

George T. Lynn, MA, MPA, LMHC, co-author of...

The Asperger Plus Child: How to Identify and Help Children with Asperger Syndrome and Seven Common Co-Existing Conditions

Catherine Davies, MEd, MSC, CPsychol, LMHC, co-author of...

Intimate Relationships and Sexual Health: A Curriculum for Teaching Adolescents/Adults with High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders and Other Social Challenges

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LMHC = Licensed Mental Health Counselor
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