Record deliveries in western Europe for Volvo trucks in 2000

RECORD DELIVERIES IN WESTERN EUROPE FOR VOLVO TRUCKS IN 2000 The Volvo Truck Corporation had an eventful year in 2000. Sales increased on most markets, with Western Europe breaking all previous records in terms of vehicle deliveries. The total volume amounted to 81,826 vehicles, which is the third-largest figure ever recorded by the Volvo Truck Corporation. Volvo Trucks launched two new truck models in 2000. The new medium distribution truck, the Volvo FL, was unveiled in Europe last spring. The Volvo FL has quickly gained the appreciation of customers for a range of applications, not least since it combines the technology of the heavier truck range with new chassis, refined drivetrain components and an ergonomical new cab interior. Among the technical features that the Volvo FL shares with its larger stablemates are the new solid disc brakes, electronic management system, ergonomically designed instrument panel and conveniently adjustable steering wheel. The second product launch of 2000 took place in late summer, when the Volvo VHD, which is part of the global platform concept, was unveiled in North America. The Volvo VHD marks the Volvo Truck Corporation's ambition to boost its presence on the North American market for construction trucks and to offer customers package solutions in cooperation with sister company Volvo Construction Equipment. In order to further reinforce this focus, the product launch took place at Volvo CE's site in Asheville, North Carolina. Milestone for the shared platform All the heavier models are now based on the company's modular platform. This shared platform ensures uniform quality, availability of parts and service and thus also greater vehicle uptime. In December last year, the company reached yet another milestone in the global platform project that encompasses six different product families on four continents: the 300,000th order for a Volvo truck based on the joint platform was registered at the end of the month. At the same time, it is worth noting that the Volvo FH recorded its best ever year, with deliveries of more than 30,000 trucks. Assembly plants in growing markets In 2000, Volvo Trucks started operations in the company's assembly plant in Thailand's capital, Bangkok. At the end of the year, a joint cooperation agreement was signed with Russian company JSFC Sistema, under which Volvo Trucks will open an assembly plant just outside Moscow in spring 2001. In the first year of operation, production capacity will be about 200-300 vehicles, and there is capacity for increasing this to match demand. Volvo Trucks is the market leader on the import market in Russia today and has about 20 service points located strategically along the major transport routes there. World market trends The market for heavy trucks reached its highest record for Western Europe in 2000. Volvo Trucks delivered 42,054 vehicles, corresponding to an increase of six per cent. The trends are very encouraging for Eastern Europe, which increased by 41 per cent (4,089). Volvo Trucks is the market-leader on the Eastern European import market, with a particularly impressive increase of 93% to 867 trucks in Rumania. The Far East markets increased by 92 per cent. Last year, sales rose in Japan by 139 per cent to 287 vehicles, partly because environmental issues have come into increasing focus. There are thus excellent preconditions for continued volume increases in this region. The only market that shows decreased sales is North America, which showed a decline of 31 per cent, not least owing to a surplus of new and second- hand trucks. Mexico, however, swung in the opposite direction, with a 45 per cent increase to 1,779 trucks sold - the highest-ever sales record on this market. All in all, 2000 was the best-ever sales year for Volvo Trucks with the exception of North America, showing a rise of 15 per cent. Deliveries by region (preliminary): January - December +-% 1999 2000 Total Europe 42.527 46.143 + 9 Of which: Western Europe 39.625 42.054 + 6 Eastern Europe 2.902 4.089 + 41 North America 34.303 23.608 - 31 South America 3.901 4.534 + 16 Asia 2.723 5.554 +104 Other markets 1.633 1.987 + 22 Total 85.087 81.826 - 4 January 12, 2001 For further information, please contact: Claes Claeson, press spokesman Volvo Truck Corporation, telephone 031 - 66 39 08 or 0709 - 94 35 62 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download:

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