Volvo trucks unveils a new multi-million dollar investment in the USA

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Volvo TRUCKS UNVEILS A NEW MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR INVESTMENT IN THE usa Volvo Trucks has today unveiled an entirely new truck range for the North American market. Volvo is the only manufacturer to have developed an all-new truck to meet the tougher EPA 02 demands that come into force in the USA on 1 October. The project has been three years in the development, with the total investment amounting to 1.8 billion Swedish kronor (190 MUSD). The new Volvo VN shares its platform with the new Volvo FH and Volvo FM models that were launched in autumn 2001. "By utilizing our global platform, we have developed a holistic solution in which we were able to optimise each and every component to meet the ambitious new emissions requirements - while continuing to maintain the excellent transport economy that haulage operators have come to expect," says Jorma Halonen, President of Volvo Trucks. Entirely new truck While the rest of the industry has focused on developing cleaner new engines for installation in existing truck models, Volvo has instead concentrated on developing all the various components in parallel, thus producing an entirely new truck generation that offers operators extremely competitive productivity and enviable total economy. Weight savings of up to 680 kg further increase the truck's available payload by a corresponding amount. At the same time, driver comfort has been given a significant boost with the introduction of the new range.The entire development process has been based on the haulage operator's actual working conditions and needs. Nonetheless, the US transport industry is concerned that the industry's new EPA02-compliant engines will lead to higher running costs, for instance in the form of increased fuel consumption and poorer reliability. "Against this background, we feel we chose the right path by presenting an all-new truck optimised in every way for the new operating conditions. The potential pitfalls have been able to be identified and dealt with already at source. Our concept thus puts us into an immensely strong competitive position," explains Jorma Halonen. New test facility In order to maintain its strong position among the world's truck manufacturers, Volvo recently completed the building of a new engine laboratory at the company's global headquarters in Göteborg, Sweden. Here there are resources and expertise for developing diesel engines that meet forthcoming environmental legislation in both the EU and the USA. The new truck shares much of its characteristic appearance with the previous version of the Volvo VN, but that is where the similarities end. More than 1,000 components have been redesigned for the new model. August 21, 2002 For further information, please contact: Claes Claeson, media relations, Volvo Truck Corporation, tel +46 31 - 66 39 08 or +46 0708 - 36 39 08. E-mail: Footnote. Pictures of the new Volvo VN can be downloaded from our website at ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: