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FORM SAR 3 Lodge with Company Announcements Office and Newstrack, if appropriate, and the Takeover Panel. A copy must also be sent to the company the shares of which are acquired. Date of disclosure: 17/10/02 DISCLOSURE UNDER RULE 3 OF THE RULES GOVERNING SUBSTANTIAL ACQUISITIONS OF SHARES ("SARs") Date of acquisition: 16/10/02 Acquisition in: BSS Group PLC (1) Class of voting Number of shares/rights If rights over shares (e.g. ordinary over shares acquired shares acquired, as shares) opposed to the shares themselves, specify nature of rights Ordinary Shares 160,000 shares N/A of 20p N/A rights (2) Resultant total Resultant total holding Total percentage holding of voting shares of rights over shares (and % of total voting (and % of total voting shares in issue) shares in issue) 6,422,944 (22.00%) N/A (0.00%) 22.00% (3) Party making disclosure: Aberforth Partners (as Investment Managers) (4) (a) Name of person acquiring shares or rights over shares: Aberforth Partners (as Investment Managers) and, if different, beneficial owner: N/A (b) Names of any other persons acting by agreement or understanding (see SAR 5): N/A Signed, for and on behalf of the party named in (3) above: N/A (Also print name of signatory): Gordon R. Young, Partner Telephone and extension number: 0131 220 0733 Note. Under SAR 5, the holdings of and acquisitions by persons acting by agreement or understanding must be aggregated and treated as a holding of or acquisition by one person. Note 3 on SAR 5 requires persons who must aggregate holdings to disclose certain disposals. For full details of the SARs disclosure requirements, see Rules 3 and 5 of the SARs. If in doubt, contact the Panel on Takeovers and Mergers, Monitoring Section, Tel. No: 020 7638 0129. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: