Martina Klingvall, founder and CEO of Telness, appointed to the ABG Sundal Collier Board of Directors

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Martina Klingvall has been elected as a member of the Board at the ABG Sundal Collier (ABGSC) Annual General Meeting. During the AGM Knut Brundtland, former CEO of ABGSC, was elected Chairman of the Board

Martina Klingvall (31) is educated at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and has extensive experience from the telecom industry with management positions at Telenor and as CEO of telecom startup Telness, a company she founded in 2016.

Knut Brundtland, newly appointed Chairman of the Board comments: “Martina represents a new generation of entrepreneurs and startup executives that ABG Sundal Collier has a great interest in and work extensively with. She will be able to provide the Board with insights from her arena and challenge our way of working and thinking. The financial industry and our client base are changing and at ABG Sundal Collier we focus on helping business for tomorrow to grow and to constantly develop our investment banking services and offering. Martina will be a great addition to the Board in order to achieve that”.

“I am proud to have been appointed and look forward to bring my perspectives on areas such as technology, communication, culture and disruptive business models, and generally contribute to the work of the Board. The fact that I have been chosen as a Board representative shows that ABG Sundal Collier is a modern investment bank with a clear change agenda, eager to stay relevant to clients, today and in the future”, says Martina Klingvall.

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