Able Planet launches the world’s first LINX AUDIO® hearing aid

that provides full time custom hearing enhancement for people with hearing loss.

WHEAT RIDGE, CO (November 13, 2012) – Able Planet Incorporated, a leader in audio and speech language technologies today announced that it won an Innovations Design and Engineering Award from the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show for the world’s first LINX AUDIO® hearing aid. Products entered into this prestigious program are judged by a preeminent panel of independent industrial designers, engineers and members of the trade press to honor outstanding design and engineering in cutting edge consumer electronics. With this additional award, Able Planet extends its award-winning history to include 39 of the world’s most prestigious audio and communications awards since winning best in category for embedded technologies for LINX AUDIO in 2006.

LINX AUDIO® LA5000IC is the first in-canal hearing aid to combine LINX® coil technology with LINX DSP® Environment Management™ filters to provide full time hearing solutions for difficult listening environments and enhance comprehension for tonal sensitivities customized to specific frequency loss for a hearing-impaired listener. LINX AUDIO enhances sound clarity by creating harmonics that are not masked by low frequency sounds, filtering undesirable sounds or noise, and soft peak clipping.    

LINX DSP® advanced adaptive feedback management, state of the art noise reduction and hearing enhancement technologies reconnect hearing-impaired listeners with the world of sound. Additionally, this high performance listening device employs 12 gain adjustment levels, and automatic gain control to enhance speech frequencies in noise. Linx DSP enhances sound clarity by reinforcing enhanced high frequency harmonics, enabling them to shine through bass sounds that commonly mask clarity, filtering undesirable sounds or noise, and varying frequency response and signal compression by listening environment. It provides a natural sound by preserving the directivity of the ear and enhancing hard to hear sounds with customized environmental filters. The small size is nearly invisible and the curved design follows natural curves of the ear canal, eliminating the need for ear impressions, easing positioning and ensuring a comfortable fit for long wear, even for smaller and severely curved ear canals.

The LINX® coil is embedded in the tail of the hearing aid, and is positioned invisibly behind the ear to secure the amplifier into the ear canal. The tail is made of strong, flexible plastic ensuring a comfortable and invisible fit for extended wear. A Cerumen Protection System prevents earwax from penetrating the module, which could damage the receiver. The amplifier is powered by 1.35V battery (Type 10) located in the middle of the device, creating a natural separation between the microphone and the receiver minimizing internal feedback.

Linx Audio LA5000IC has 8 channels, 12 bands, 4 preset filters, active noise reduction, and an adaptive feedback manager. A significant departure from traditional “hearing aids”, the LINX AUDIO hearing aid is nearly invisible and can be easily activated with the patent-pending 2TAP™ technology. A circuit detects when the amplitudes exceeds a preset threshold, and a "switch" is signaled. This "switch" changes the program and generates an indicator tone without requiring push-button activation. Whether you’re watching TV, speaking with friends and family, in a noisy restaurant, or on a cell phone, you can alter your listening environment, as you need it. Simply cup your hands over your ears, 2TAP and release, and you’ll Hear the Difference®.  

Additionally, LINX AUDIO hearing aids will be available with a telecoil option that connects wirelessly to Bluetooth audio and communication products, as well as enabling connection to loop systems and telephones.

This award-winning product is a natural expansion of Able Planet’s line of Personal Sound™ products that help people who require only part-time enhancement for difficult listening environments. LINX AUDIO hearing aids are full time hearing solutions that enhance comprehension for tonal sensitivities and are customized to specific frequency loss for a hearing-impaired listener. These state of the art hearing devices enable people with hearing challenges to lead more active lifestyles.

“We are extremely proud to be recognized for the world’s first LINX AUDIO® hearing aid,” said Able Planet CEO Kevin Semcken. “As a leader in active noise cancellation and audio enhancement technologies, Able Planet first launched its Personal Sound™ products that provide situational hearing enhancement for people who require only part-time solutions for difficult listening environments. Now, we are changing the world, once again, with LINX AUDIO hearing aids that will provide custom full time solutions for people with hearing loss. We thank the CES for recognizing our leadership products and technologies, which has helped Able Planet to change the world For People with All Levels of Hearing™. These awards reinforce the value of our patented technologies that enable all listeners to Hear the Difference®.”

The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show is held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from January 8-11, 2013. Able Planet occupies Booth #9013in the Central Hall.

Michael Zucconi

Able Planet


About CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards Program

Since 1976, the prestigious Innovations Design and Engineering Awards has given consumer technology manufacturers and developers an opportunity to have their newest products judged by a preeminent panel of independent industrial designers, independent engineers and members of the trade press. It's the place to see, touch, feel and understand the future of consumer technology. Products chosen as the most impressive in each category are selected as honorees and can be seen at CES in the Innovations Design and Engineering Awards Showcase in the Grand Lobby.

About Able Planet

Expert in Audiology and Speech Language Sciences, Able Planet was founded on a hearing technology that enables people with profound hearing loss to distinguish hard to hear sounds, many of whom have reported to be able to hear new sounds for the first time in their lives.   Over the past 7 years, the company has become a leader in audio and communication devices through the development of products and technologies that not only address hearing impairments, but are also preferred by experts in consumer audio. Today, Able Planet designs and manufactures products that enhance sound quality, clarity and speech intelligibility for all people. And, while the company continues to focus developments on products that connect people with hearing loss to the world of sound, it is equally as motivated by technologies that help preserve hearing for those with normal hearing. All Able Planet products are based on proprietary Hear the Difference® technologies.


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