NeuroVive preferential rights issue fully subscribed

NeuroVive Pharmaceutical AB (publ) has completed the preferential rights issue of units, comprising shares and warrants, authorized by the Extraordinary General Meeting on 31 March 2016. The preferential rights issue was 100.4 % subscribed, raising approximately SEK 94.4 million for the company before issue expenses. Upon full utilization of the warrants, the company will raise an additional SEK 32.6 million. The new issue was guaranteed to 75% through guarantee commitments. The full subscription means that underwriting guarantees will not have to be utilized.


63.9 % of the preferential rights issue was subscribed for on the basis of unit rights, and the remainder, 36.6 %, without unit rights. Overall subscription was 100.4 %, implying that available guarantees did not need to be utilized. The preferential rights issue raises some SEK 94.4 million for the company before issue expenses. Upon full utilization of the warrants, the company will raise an additional SEK 32.6 million.

“We’re very satisfied with the outcome of the new issue, which shows significant confidence in the company’s operations. It’s been extremely rewarding to meet with existing and potential shareholders during the issue period, and I’d like to welcome all new shareholders and thank everyone who participated in the new issue for the trust they’ve shown in us,” commented Erik Kinnman, NeuroVive’s CEO.  

The allocation of units subscribed for without unit rights under the preferential rights issue has taken place according to the principles indicated in the prospectus dated 14 April 2016. Notice of allocation will be given in the form of a transaction note sent to the relevant subscriber for allocated units. Allocated units must be settled by no later than the date indicated on the transaction note.

Share capital and number of shares
The new issue means that the company’s share capital will increase by SEK 899,248 through the new issue of 17,984,960 shares, each with a quotient value of SEK 0.05.

The new issue also means that the company is issuing 2,248,120 warrants of series 2016/2017:1, conferring the owner with the right to subscribe for a total of 2,248,120 shares in the company, and 2,248,120 warrants of series 2016/2017:2, conferring the owner with the right to subscribe for a total of 2,248,120 shares in the company, which means that share capital may come to increase by a total of SEK 224,812 upon full utilization of the warrants issued of series 2016/2017:1 and series 2016/2017:2.

Trading in BTUs
Paid-up subscribed units (BTUs) under the preferential rights issue are traded on Nasdaq Stockholm under the ticker symbol NVP BTU in the period until the new issue has been registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office, which is expected to take place on or around 18 May 2016, and will subsequently be replaced by shares and warrants. In connection with registration, the new shares and warrants will begin to be traded on Nasdaq Stockholm.

Terms and conditions applying to warrants
One (1) warrant of series 2016/2017:1 confers the right to subscribe for one (1) share in the company at a subscription price of SEK 6.50. Subscription for shares in the company on the basis of warrants of series 2016/2017:1 may take place in the period from 2 January 2017 until 28 February 2017 inclusive.

One (1) warrant of series 2016/2017:2 confers the right to subscribe for (1) share in the company at a subscription price of 70% of the volume weighted average price of the company’s share on Nasdaq Stockholm for 15 trading days before the start of the subscription period, subject to a minimum of SEK 8. Subscription for shares in the company on the basis of warrants of series 2016/2017:2 may take place in the period from 1 June 2017 until 30 June 2017 inclusive.

Stockholm Corporate Finance AB acted as financial advisor and Advokatfirman Lindahl KB acted as legal advisor to the company in connection with the new issue. Aqurat Fondkommission AB acted as issuing institution in connection with the new issue and Laika Consulting was responsible for IR and marketing.

About NeuroVive
NeuroVive Pharmaceutical AB (publ) is a pioneer in mitochondrial medicine and a company committed to the discovery and development of highly targeted candidates that preserve mitochondrial integrity and function in areas of significant therapeutic need. NeuroVive’s business approach is driven by value-adding partnerships with mitochondrial research institutions and commercial partners across the globe. NeuroVive’s portfolio consists of two clinical projects in acute kidney injury (AKI) and traumatic brain injury (TBI) with candidates in clinical and preclinical development and two drug discovery platforms. The NeuroSTAT® product has orphan drug status in Europe and in the US for treatment of moderate to severe traumatic brain injury and is currently being evaluated in a study, CHIC. Ciclosporin (CicloMulsion®) is being evaluated in an on-going study, CiPRICS, in acute kidney injury during major surgery. NeuroVive’s shares are listed on Nasdaq, Stockholm, Sweden.

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About Us

Abliva AB is a leader in mitochondrial medicine, with one project in clinical phase I (KL1333) for chronic treatment of primary mitochondrial diseases and one project, in preparation for clinical trials (NV354), for treatment of primary mitochondrial diseases with Complex I deficiency. NeuroSTAT for traumatic brain injury (TBI) is ready to enter a clinical phase II efficacy study. The R&D portfolio also consists of early projects. Abliva’s ambition is to take drugs for primary mitochondrial diseases through clinical development and all the way to market, with or without partners. For the TBI and NASH projects the goal is to enter strategic partnerships. A subset of compounds under the NVP015 program has been licenced to Fortify Therapeutics, a BridgeBio company, for local treatment development of Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON). Abliva is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, Sweden (ticker: ABLI).


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