Acando develops bespoke Demand Planning System for CBR Fashion

Acando has developed an innovative system for their client, CBR Fashion group, that optimises the delivery capability for the fashion company’s brands Street One and CECIL. The tailored demand planning system allows them to accurately forecast sales and demand.

Acando’s software solution calculates recommended future orders with the suppliers to ensure optimum stock levels at all times. This includes predicting sales and sourcing needs for all product varieties and target regions. To avoid delivery shortages and a loss in revenue, the system runs through different scenarios such as delayed deliveries or modified shipping methods. The “Avisfunktion” allows the system to pre-calculate the order demand over and above the actual order period. Utilising the additional information, suppliers can then plan their material purchases and clothes production well in advance. The system also offers numerous evaluation tools to rapidly identify increased demands for certain products as well as inventory shortages. For complex system calculations large amounts of data can be pulled in from other systems in real time.

Accurate sales and demand forecasts are crucial factors for companies to maintain competitiveness in the market. In an era of highly volatile global markets with short lifecycles and high product diversity creating accurate forecasts can be extremely complex. Acando develops tailor-made planning tools that allow companies to make informed decisions based on solid forecasts and relevant indicators.

CBR Fashion distributes the brands Street One and CECIL and operates in Germany and many other European countries. The new Demand Planning System guarantees that CBR Fashion group can always fulfil customer orders on time. Additionally, stock levels are automatically adapted to current demands, thereby minimising storage costs.

For more information please contact:
Anna Ohlsson, Head of Marketing and Communications, Acando Sweden, +46 (0)70 413 4179,
Anja Altenburg, Marketing Manager, Acando Germany, +49 (0)40 822 259 205,

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