Actic concentrates its operations geographically

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Actic Group has signed an agreement to divest its three facilities in Finland. The facilities had sales of approximately 15 MSEK in 2017, and the buyer takes over current staff and agreements. The deal is expected to be completed on July 1st.

”In order to further streamline our operations and concentrate our resources, we refine our business by selling our three facilities in Finland. The buyer is one of our managers in Finland, who acquires the facilities together with an external partner”, says Christer Zaar, President and CEO of Actic Group.

The divestment, which will be carried out on July 1st, is expected to have a marginal positive effect on Actic’s earnings per share in during the full year 2018.

For further information, please contact:

Niklas Alm, Investor Relations,, +46 70 824 40 88

Actic (formerly Nautilus Gym) was founded in 1981 and launched the Gym & Swim club concept. The company began its international expansion in 1995 and as per 31 Marchr 2017, Actic had 181 facilities and over 230,000 members in five countries. Actic’s main markets are Sweden, Norway, Finland as well as Germany and Austria. Actic offers a well-established exercise method known as high-intensity training (HIT) and offers its members personal training programmes including follow-up sessions with trained instructors. Together with swimming, this forms the core of Actic’s offering and differentiates us in the market.

Actic’s vision is to create a healthier society by attracting a broad target group and thereby expanding the market. The facilities engage in the local community to contribute to a healthier society. Actic, which has its head office in Solna, Stockholm, has approximately 800 full-time equivalent employees and had net sales of SEK 881 million in 2017. Actic is led by its President and CEO Christer Zaar.

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