Addtech sharpens its organisation for future growth

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By adapting its operations and further strengthening the network between the companies, Addtech sharpens its organisation to best capture future growth opportunities. The new organisation will come into effect on 1 October 2021 and will comprise five business areas with clear niche strategies.

“Addtech’s business concept has been successfull for many years. Its strengths are our unique culture, with its clear entrepreneurial focus, and how we cluster our companies to build networks that foster growth. The recent years increased focus on sustainable technical solutions, combined with a high acquisition rate, has afforded us a strong position with major growth opportunities, both in the Nordic region and internationally. Our new business areas achieve a clearer demarcation between our various niche strategies and can more effectively respond to future growth potential, both organically and through acquisitions,” says Niklas Stenberg, President and CEO.

Addtech’s five business areas as of 1 October 2021

The companies within Automation produce and sell subsystems and components for industrial automation and infrastructure. The strategy is to capture the potential in strong driving forces, such as Industry 4.0, smart cities and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT). The objective is to continue developing added value by securing cutting-edge expertise and growing internationally, with a clear focus on sustainability.

The companies within Electrification produce and sell battery solutions, energy-efficient power supply and power transmission solutions, as well as components and subsystems for electric powertrain solutions. By maintaining our position as market leader in selected niches, the strategy is to generate profitable growth from society’s rapid technological development, particularly in terms of electrification, data communications and the 5G expansion. The focus is on strengthening the digital offering, responding to customers’ increased demands for sustainable products and continuing to pursue the international agenda.

The companies within Energy produce and sell products for electricity transmission, electrical installation and safety products, primarily in transport. By means of the companies’ strong positions in electricity transmission, wind power and distribution networks, the strategy is to generate profitable growth from society’s ongoing transition towards CO2 neutrality. The business area will also continue to invest in the smart homes niche, as well as in public safety.

Industrial Solutions
The companies within Industrial Solutions produce and sell solutions and systems primarily for the forest, special vehicles and waste/recycling segments. The strategy is to capture the potential of sustainable technical solutions that mitigate society’s environmental impact. Waste and recycling systems, ergonomic products (particularly for special vehicles) and the increased use of wood are future growth areas.

Process Technology
The companies in Process Technology produce and sell solutions for measuring, controlling and streamlining industrial flows. The strategy is to capture the potential in increased demand for industry’s sustainable transformation, particularly in terms of emissions to both water and air. With strong positions in selected market niches and with a growing need for technical solutions that control and analyse various industrial processes, the business area perceives favourable growth opportunities.

“Regardless of the organisational change, Patrik Klerck has chosen to step down from his role as Business Area Manager for Automation to take on new challenges outside Addtech. I would like to thank Patrik for his highly valuable efforts and contributions over numerous years and wish him great luck in the future,” comments Niklas Stenberg.

As of 1 October, Addtech’s Group Management will comprise the following individuals: Niklas Stenberg, CEO; Malin Enarson, CFO; Martin Fassl, Business Area Manager Automation; Per Lundblad, Business Area Manager Electrification; Hans Andersén, Business Area Manager Energy; Daniel Prelevic, Business Area Manager, Industrial Solutions and Claus Nielsen, Business Area Manager Process Technology.

“I am very pleased to be able to present a new member of Group Management in connection with this organisational change. Daniel Prelevic has held a number of roles within Addtech over the past 11 years, most recently as Deputy Business Area Manager for Industrial Process. Daniel has broad experience with a clear focus on growth and has made a strong contribution to Addtech’s positive development in recent years,” says Niklas Stenberg.

The interim report for the third quarter will be the first in accordance with the new structure and will be published on 8 February 2022. Pro forma figures will be published no later than January 2022.

Stockholm, September 14, 2021

Addtech AB (publ)

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Addtech is a technical solutions group that provides technological and economic value added in the link between manufacturers and customers. Addtech operates in selected niches in the market for advanced technology products and solutions. Its customers primarily operate in the manufacturing industry and infrastructure. Addtech has about 3,000 employees in more than 140 subsidiaries that operate under their own brands. The Group has annual sales of more than SEK 11 billion. Addtech is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

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