Diakrit and Virtuance join forces to deliver a new standard in real estate marketing, backed by Adelis as their international growth partner

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Diakrit, the leader in digital property marketing content, has partnered with Adelis Equity Partners (“Adelis”) to accelerate the company’s international growth. As a first step, Virtuance, Diakrit’s main counterpart in the US market, has joined the group, creating an even stronger global leader with a best-in-class offering across three continents. Management and founders will continue to hold a significant ownership, together with Adelis.

With over 20 years of global experience, Diakrit helps leading real estate brokerages across the world successfully win more business and grow their brand through high-quality property marketing content including magazine-quality photography, 2D and 3D floor plans, 360-virtual tours, digital renovating and decorating tools and video.

Currently servicing over 2,000 leading real estate brokerages in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, and the US, Diakrit has established a unique and highly attractive position in their markets. This success results from the company’s cutting-edge technology, efficient automation and scalable operations, enabling Diakrit to deliver an unrivaled real estate experience that generates superior results for real estate brokers, homeowners and buyers alike.

“We researched the entire ecosystem of similar services in the Nordics, Europe and the US, resulting in an extensive analysis that made Diakrit stand out as a clear leader on a fast track to continued international growth. We were impressed by Diakrit’s highly experienced management, innovative technology and infrastructure, as well as the company’s world-class customer service,” says Joel Russ at Adelis.

“Diakrit was seeking a partner to help accelerate our international growth and support the company’s continued development. We are pleased to have partnered together with Adelis and look forward to developing Diakrit into an even stronger global market leader. Virtuance will play a key role in this journey by expanding Diakrit’s US presence and further strengthening our technology platform,” says Ken Brown, CEO of Diakrit.

Since its inception in 2010, US-based Virtuance has become a leading real estate photography provider with nationwide coverage. Powered by advanced AI-image processing algorithms, Virtuance automates key visualizations and marketing processes for its customer base of over 45,000 real estate professionals in the US.

“Like Virtuance, Diakrit is a forward-thinking, innovative and customer-focused business. We see this as a great opportunity to leverage the combined experience, systems, processes and digital property marketing content of the group to take Virtuance to the next level in the US and globally,” says Jeff Corn, CEO of Virtuance.

Joel Russ at Adelis adds: “By joining forces with Virtuance and leveraging their advanced AI-image processing algorithms and US market presence, we see great potential for a continued roll-out of an exceptional offering, as well as an expansion into adjacent services for Diakrit.”

Together, the parties will continue to invest in an ambitious growth strategy by consolidating and growing market share organically across existing markets. The group will also continue to focus on their residential resale offering and further accelerate its dominance in each market through strategic acquisitions.

AQ Technology Partners acted as the Exclusive Financial Advisor to Diakrit in the transaction.

For further information:

Joel Russ, Adelis Equity Partners, joel.russ@adelisequity.com

John-Matias Uuttana, Adelis Equity Partners, john-matias.uuttana@adelisequity.com

Ken Brown, CEO, Diakrit, ken.brown@diakrit.com

Jeff Corn, CEO, Virtuance, jeff.corn@virtuance.com

About Diakrit

With over 20 years of experience globally, Diakrit provides real estate brokers with a strategic advantage in their markets. Founded in Sweden, Diakrit is proud to work with over 2,000 leading real estate brokerages across the world and help them successfully win more business and grow their brand through high-quality marketing content including magazine-quality photography, 2D and 3D floor plans, virtual tours, digital renovating and decorating tools, and video. Diakrit also provides social media advertising – coupling optimized and targeted campaigns with engaging marketing content. The social media ads ensure more people see the broker’s listing online and keeps their brand top-of-mind for anyone thinking of buying or selling in their market. For more information, please visit www.diakrit.com.

About Virtuance

Virtuance is a leading real estate visual marketing company founded in 2010 and the creator of HDReal®, an industry leading AI-powered image processing system. Virtuance automates key processes in real estate marketing, enabling real estate professionals to improve marketing effectiveness, differentiate their brand and drive results for their clients. For more information, please visit www.virtuance.com.

About Adelis Equity Partners

Adelis is a growth partner for well-positioned companies. Adelis partners with management and/or owners to build businesses in growth segments and with strong market positions. Since raising its first fund in 2013, Adelis has been one of the most active investors in the Nordic middle-market, making 31 platform investments and more than 130 add-on acquisitions. Adelis today manages approximately €2 billion in capital. For more information, please visit www.adelisequity.com.