Adera (publ) AB holds Special General Meeting - Jean-Michel Deligny elected Board Member

Adera (publ) AB holds Special General Meeting - Jean-Michel Deligny elected Board Member At the Special General Meeting of Adera AB (publ) in Stockholm on October 17, 2000, the following resolutions were made. Resolution on new share issue and resolution on reduction of share premium reserve The General Meeting approved a non-rights issue of a total of 1,508,205 new Series B shares with a par of SEK 0.10 each to be subscribed for by the joint owners of all of the shares in Nucleus Limited. Through this issue, the company's share capital will increase by SEK 150,820.50. Following the issue, the company's share capital will total SEK 2,086,240.50, with a total of 20,862,405 shares. The General Meeting also approved a reduction in the share premium reserve in an amount that corresponds to the sum added to the share premium reserve by the proposed new share issue, that is, SEK 81,292,250. Decision on additions to current incentive program The General Meeting decided that the incentive program adopted by the Special General Meeting on July 19, 2000, will also apply to Board members joining the company, whereby new members of the Board will be allocated a maximum of 60,000 personnel warrants. Election of new Board Member The General Meeting approved the appointment to the Board of Jean-Michel Deligny (aged 38 years), CEO of the venture capital company Go4Venture in London. Jean-Michel has a solid background in London's financial world, where his responsibilities have included being in charge of the European section of the "Global Technology Group" at Warburg Dillon Read's Corporate Finance Division between 1997 and 1999. The Meeting also approved an annual director's fee of GBP 15,000 for Jean-Michel Deligny, as well as 50,000 warrants within the framework of the incentive program approved at Adera's Special General Meeting on July 19, 2000. Adera AB (publ) generates business value for customers by combining areas of expertise critical for success based on the new business logic: strategy/business development, marketing/communications and IT/Internet. Adera currently consists of around 650 employees and has offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, London, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Munich, Copenhagen , Malmoe, Oslo, Ljungby and Värnamo. Adera shares are listed on the O-List of the OM Stockholm Exchange, Attract 40. For more information, visit our website: For further information, please contact: Janerik Dimming, Information Officer, Adera AB, Telephone: +46-31-701 67 66, Mobile: +46-706-20 60 08, e-mail: Tony Rydén, Chief Lawyer, Adera AB, Telephone: +46-545 033 00, Mobile: +46-702-60 33 43, e-mail: ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: