Adline accelerates client acquisition globally - Oslo based SAAS company creates another Nordic success story

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2020 was a good year for Adline despite the events of the world that affected so many businesses. The year brought solid growth from a 35 client strong base to exceeding the 100 mark with a string of international and Nordic brands such as KYGO, Rebel and Skoveng signing up for the Multi-channel self-service advertising platform. Cost efficiency and great results have aided client acquisitions across globally to now include SMBs in Dubai, US, Switzerland, UK, Austria, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands. And the list is growing. 

Carl Wilhelm Vedvik, a strong and skilled leader and tech CEO at the mere age of 24 has taken the company from zero to hero after Adline experienced a difficult time a few years back. Reignited with a group of smaller shareholders and visionaries including Chairman of the board Dag Honningsvåg, Jakob Greger Gravdal, founder Jo Hansael and tech investors Simula Innovation and Altitude Capital. 

A recruitment of a new Head of Sales, Oxford born Mike Damnjanovic and a ramped up marketing strategy has consequently doubled sales from Q3 to Q4 with month to month growth in sight for 2021, with intent of raising further capital in Q3 for increased expansion globally. Damnjanovic explains: "Adline is passionate about helping other great companies get customers. We have been doing this ourselves and we want to help others do the same. Going forwards in 2021, we have already passed over 64% of last year's turnover so our aim is to fill our calendars with other companies that are looking to grow their businesses." 

Why Adline? 

Time is precious and results vital for the modern marketer. Adline simplifies marketing by collating the most important advertising channels into one user-friendly platform. Advanced algorithms together with a carefully constructed criteria run alongside each other creating fantastic ROI. CEO Vedvik adds “Clients get the most out of their advertising budget with a streamlined set up”. This gives Adline a competitive advantage and many SMEs are opting for Adline to stand up to the tech giants in the market. 

With the ongoing Apple iOS14 launch limiting data sharing with Facebook, targeted advertising is becoming more challenging for small- to medium-sized businesses. Adline’s answer is a development of their CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) 2.0, a separate tracking code which will allow for their customers to take 100% ownership of their own data and increasingly better targeting as a consequence. The client is in control with the Adline platform.
Adline Vision in 2021 

CEO Carl Wilhelm Vedvik predicts that 2021 will be a strong year for Adline and he states “While the martech space is getting increasingly more complex, we simplify it. And it takes geniuses to make marketing technology simple. It’s very hard. Our guiding mission is to constantly simplify how to get customers and enable growth for great businesses. Whether you’re a small or a big company, and you have a great product, you deserve the chance to grow. Easily.” 

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