RieckOnline Work Order Management System (WMS) Streamlines Antioch College’s Maintenance Program

Rieck Services – a mechanical contracting and service company providing engineering, project management and facility services in Dayton, Ohio – has streamlined the maintenance activities on the 100-acre, 25 building Antioch College campus in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Rieck has provided a web-based work order management system that coordinates the maintenance activities for the College.

Beginning in early 2013, Rieck began implementation of the RieckOnline Work Order Management System (WMS). It combines Antioch College’s internal maintenance data and Rieck Services’ maintenance data relevant to the institution. The WMS allows Antioch College to create a holistic work order management process that includes tracking of maintenance requests, work order assignment, work completion and maintenance data analysis.

Almost 100 staff members are registered in the WMS, which enables them to file on-line work requests directly to the Antioch College maintenance staff. The facility management staff reviews and converts the requests as needed into work orders. The newly created work orders are then automatically routed to selected technicians for the work to be performed. Work performed by Rieck Services HVAC and plumbing technicians is also recorded electronically and displayed in conjunction with the Antioch maintenance data. By merging internal and external maintenance data sources, the Antioch College and Rieck Services maintenance professionals work as a coherent team to provide sustainable facility maintenance solutions for the students and faculty of Antioch College.

“With a large number of non-maintenance oriented users participating in the project, training was a concern,” said Tom Edwards, Rieck Services Account Manager. “As such, we created easy-to-follow documentation as well as on-site familiarization training. Antioch maintenance staff then followed up with any assistance users needed.”

“The RieckOnline Work Order Management System has been transformative, streamlining our maintenance processes,” commented Antioch College Facility Manager Reggie Stratton. “After a short training session with the Rieck team, our staff jumped right in and began implementing this user-friendly system. We are currently tracking active work orders and the next step will be building preventative maintenance into the system. The Rieck staff is always there to support our users and continually asks how they can improve the system to work better for us.”  

The RieckOnline WMS helps reduce repair and operating costs through its automated planned maintenance as well as dispatching for planned maintenance. In addition to work orders, maintenance checklists and material lists, the system tracks work orders, catalogs asset maintenance history, sends work orders, and much more. Users can even track labor and material usage by departments, date range and technician. Visit Rieck Services online at www.rieckservices.com.

About Rieck Services

Rieck Services is a mechanical contracting and service company operating in the Dayton, Ohio area since 1892 offering a variety of services for customers while providing quality products, technical expertise, and added value. Rieck provides engineering, project management, and facility services that exceed customer expectations. Capitalizing on more than 120 years of experience, the Rieck Services team is dedicated to helping owners achieve more efficient and cost-effective operations. For more information, visit www.rieckservices.com.


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1. Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, Rieck Services is a mechanical contracting and service company providing engineering, project management and facility services.
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2. The firm recently began providing a web-based work order management system for Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio.
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3. The RieckOnline Work Order Management System (WMS) assists with planning and managing maintenance activities through a web-based system.
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