Structural Group’s PULLMAN Wins Tampa Electric Company Infinity Contractor Safety Award

PULLMAN, a Structural Group company, is honored to receive the 2014 Tampa Electric Company Infinity Contractor Safety Award in the platinum category for small contractors. This top level award is presented for outstanding safety performance and exemplary safety programs among Tampa Electric Company’s (TECO) contractors. Recognizing excellent safety programs and cultures in use, as well as a desire and commitment to raise the safety awareness and performance of everyone in the workplace, is a goal of the award. The award was presented at a ceremony in Tampa, FL, in connection with TECO’s safety conference.


PULLMAN’s safety program begins at the top — with management’s involvement in the company’s Safety 24/7 and Frontline Safety program. The Safety 24/7 program involves empowering employees both at and away from work. Implementation and maintenance of a safety culture within the organization is achieved by utilizing robust safety programs, processes, training plans, goals, and accountability measures. The Frontline Safety Program and PULLMAN’s Operating Principles are a fundamental component of this safety plan.

“First and foremost, our management is always conscious of the fact it must lead by example in all that they do for safety success,” said Steven Stewart, Corporate Safety Director for Structural Group. “It is management’s responsibility to promote our safety culture within all our departments, projects, and tasks. Additionally, we believe we must clearly communicate the vision of the safety culture, celebrate achievements, and hold all employees accountable, including management, for any unsatisfactory performance.”

Specific examples of top level involvement include making safety a topic of conversation at all company meetings and participating in weekly field safety coordination conference calls for all on-going projects. Scheduled and unscheduled visits are conducted to all projects and everyone is regularly involved in safety training events to emphasize the dedication the program requires. Participation in all incident investigations is a priority, as well as ensuring that learning experiences are shared throughout the company.


In 2013, PULLMAN increased their efforts to promote their safety culture through an updated safety plan. This plan outlined specific goals and objectives that were focused on elevating PULLMAN’s cultural efforts.

“We believe that improvement comes from renewed integration of our core safety beliefs in every project team. Without this strong safety culture foundation, written policies, procedures, rules and regulations have only limited impact,” said Robert Duncan, President of PULLMAN.

One of the changes added in 2013 involves maintaining a dedicated core group of traveling field staff who promotes their cultural beliefs to new employees at each project. When they mobilize to large repair or new construction projects, their most important challenge is to welcome the local crew members into PULLMAN’s safety culture and attitude toward personal behavior based safety. PULLMAN’s philosophy is to lead by example from day one and continue this growth throughout the year.

As a result of the many measures PULLMAN utilizes to promote safety, their safety record has remained intact with TECO for the last three years, including zero deaths and zero OSHA violations.


PULLMAN, a Structural Group company, integrates technology-driven engineered solutions into its industry-leading contracting services. Capabilities include specialty design-build services for new and existing structures, as well as a wide range of specialty repair and maintenance services. PULLMAN is proud of a company culture that promotes 24/7 safety and quality craftsmanship.

With the construction of its first 100-foot-high radial brick chimney at a coal-fired power plant in 1902, PULLMAN established itself as a specialty contractor that knew how to tackle the tough jobs. More than a century later, the company has developed a diverse offering of specialty contracting services for the industrial, power, commercial, and public markets. For more information, visit


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PULLMAN, a Structural Group company, received the 2014 Tampa Electric Company Infinity Contractor Safety Award in the platinum category for small contractors.
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The 2014 Tampa Electric Company Infinity Contractor Safety Award is presented for outstanding safety performance and exemplary safety programs among Tampa Electric Company’s (TECO) contractors.
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