Cederquist advisor in connection with the distribution and listing of Qliro at Nasdaq Stockholm

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On 2 October 2020, Qliro was listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. The listing is the result of a resolution by an extraordinary general meeting of Qliro Group AB, on 28 September to distribute all of the shares in Qliro to the shareholders in Qliro Group AB. 

Qliro, founded in 2014, is a fast growing fintech company offering flexible digital payment solutions, including a complete check-out to larger e-retailers and their customers in the Nordic countries. Qliro also offers digital financial services to consumers in Sweden.

Cederquist’s team consisted mainly of Fredrik Lundén, Elin Ljungström, Louise Génetay, Alexandra Kärnekull and Sebastian Sundberg.

For further information please refer to https://www.qliro.com/sv-se/investor-relations.