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On a market where the regulatory demands are higher than ever and focus lies on both efficiency and customer satisfaction, new and effective tools sees the light.  Advokatfirman Cederquist and PSA Consulting are happy to launch a updated and new digital platform for the onboarding of clients. The need for an intuitive interface meeting the client combined with the increased demands on gathering information, protection of personal data and documentation of the onboarding process has resulted in a need for a platform. The platform will make the process of gathering general information, and information required due to the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act (2017:630) from public sources as well as from clients, much smoother and more effective. In order to more easily register and gather information from new as well as old clients, Cederquist has adjusted and customized the platform for the Swedish market together with PSA Consulting. The entire onboarding process is now centralized and connected to relevant databases and systems to help the users. By investing in this platform, Cederquist can now meet the regulatory needs while creating a better customer experience, in a new and modern way, saving time for the customer as well as the firm. 

"Customer satisfaction as well as quality are two of our most important areas, and we continuously strive to develop and excel with new solutions to support this journey. This new platform must be said to meet needs in both ends, and we are pleased that it is now ready for launch." -Tone Myhre-Jensen, Managing Partner Cederquist

"By supporting an internal process with technology, we can now meet the customer in a new way, save time, remain in full control and have a more efficient follow-up in our onboarding process. All internal approvals are now gathered in the same place - regardless of where they are." - Johannes Färje, Head of Digital Services and Innovation

"Following up on internal procedures and ensuring compliance in manually handled processes is always difficult. Through the implementation of this platform we can easily create, follow up on and review all our matters for the firm." - Erik Wernberg, Partner and Head of Dispute Resolution

“This strategic cooperation with leading Swedish Law Firm Cederquist is very important to us. Having delivered our Custodian Client Onboarding and AML Solution to several of the largest firms in Norway, we are now launching the solution for the Swedish Market”, says Martin Flatsetø, Managing Partner of PSA Consulting. 


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