Affärsstrategerna invests in Venture Cup prizewinner

Affärsstrategerna invests in Venture Cup prizewinner Affärsstrategerna invests 6 MSEK in RaySearch Laboratories AB, whose business idea came third in this years round of Venture Cup in Sweden. RaySearch has developed an optimization code (ORBIT), which considerably improves the radiation therapy of cancer. ORBIT is unique because it provides a tailor-made radiation treatment for each patient. ORBIT simultaneously finds the optimal radiation intensity and beam directions to fit each patient's needs. This method provides better treatment of the tumor as well as less complications. ORBIT has been under development as a research project at the Karolinska Institute for several years. The research team and founders of the company are Johan Löf, PhD candidate in Medical Radiation Physics, professor Anders Brahme, Bengt K Lind (PhD) and Anders Liander (MSc). Chairman of RaySearch is Erik Hedlund, President and CEO of Scanditronix Medical AB. Erik has a long experience from leading positions in several life-science companies. RaySeach has already a global licence agreement with ADAC Laboratories Inc, a company that controls about 25% of the global market for advanced radiation therapy planning systems. ORBIT will be sold as a plug-in module to ADAC's system. The potential market for ORBIT amounts to more than 100 MUSD. See also the pressrelease from ADAC at . - Affärsstrategerna is a competent partner and they have a track record of creating successful companies in the life-science sector, says Johan Löf, founder and CEO of RaySearch. - Custom-made radiation treatment will set a new standard and will be something the patients demand, says Claes-Göran Fridh, President and founder of Affärsstrategerna. Affärsstrategerna's investment of 6 MSEK in RaySearch represents 25% of the share capital, of which 10% will be used for a stock option program to employees. For further information, please contact: Yvonne Petersson, Business Developer, Affärsstrategerna telefon +46-8-545 831 92 or e-mail: Per Ersson, Investment Manager, Affärsstrategerna Telephone: +46-8-545 831 94 or e-mail: Johan Löf, founder and CEO, RaySearch Laboratories AB telefon +46-706-83 79 35 or e-mail: Affärsstrategerna is a leading seed investment venture capital company listed on the OM Stockholm Stock Exchange O-list. Affärsstrategerna invests value-added capital in innovative start-ups, operating in IT/Internet, Wireless and Life Science/Medical Technology, and has the potential to become market leader in its niche. Some of the companies in the portfolio are: A Brand New World, Alpha Helix, Artema, Chemel, Doorways Education, European Institute of Science, Fingerprint Cards, FreeHand Communication, InfiniCom, Mainbox, Megacon, Mocat, Musicbrigade, Naty, Netbaby World, RaySearch Laboratories, RS Cordless Technology, Samba Sensors,, SWATS, Webupdate Scandinavia, Widermind and ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: