Cardiac Science makes a public offer for Artema medical

Cardiac Science makes a public offer for Artema medical In a press release today, Cardiac Science Inc. (NASDAQ: DFIB) announced a public offer for all outstanding shares in Artema Medical AB. Affärsstrategerna AB, Artema's largest owner representing 7.7% of the shares and 8.2% of the votes in Artema has favourably received and accepted the offer. The offer is worth some USD 20 million based upon the closing price of the Cardiac Science share as of January 9, 2001. The offer amounts to USD 20 million at a share price of Cardiac Science between USD 4.50-6.00. If the Cardiac Science share price exceeds USD 6.00, the purchase price will increase proportionally. If the Cardiac Science share price falls below USD 4.50, the purchase price will decrease proportionally. Payment will be made in Cardiac Science shares. Cardiac Science, listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange, develops and markets life saving external cardiac defibrillator devices and proprietary software that monitors and automatically treats patients who suffer from life-threatening heart rhythms. The company's proprietary tachyarrhythmia detection and defibrillation business is well in line with Artema's business orientation. The product portfolio includes disposable electrodes, portable defibrillators, and patient monitors for cardiac monitoring. Growth of the company's installed base provides recurring revenue from sales of proprietary, disposable, defibrillator electrodes." Artema Medical is a niche oriented, research led, med-tech company and its products are sold in more than 80 countries and 98% of sales are exported. Artema develops, manufactures and markets equipment for measuring and monitoring vital patient parameters within the fields of anesthesia, intensive care and emergency care. The Artema share is listed on the OM Stockholm Stock Exchange O-list since May 4, 1999. - Cardiac Science's offer is well in line with Artema's long-term strategy to find a partner. Through this deal, Artema gets access to new technology within the defibrillation area and gains presence on the US market, which contribute substantially to improved growth opportunities. Artema's installed product base opens up an excellent expansion opportunitiy for this new constellation." says Claes-Göran Fridh, CEO of Affärsstrategerna AB and Chairman of Artema. Affärsstrategerna is a leading seed investment venture capital company listed on the OM Stockholm Stock Exchange O-list. Affärsstrategerna invests value-added capital in innovative start-ups, operating in IT/Internet, Wireless and Life Science/Medical Technology, and has the potential to become market leader in its niche. Some of the companies in the portfolio are: A Brand New World, Alpha Helix, ARCTIC BioPharm Production, Artema, Chemel, Doorways Education, European Institute of Science, Fingerprint Cards, FreeHand Communication, InfiniCom, Mainbox, Megacon, Mocat, Musicbrigade, Naty, Netbaby World, Picron Microarrays, RaySearch Laboratories, RS Cordless Technology, Samba Sensors,, SWATS, Webupdate, Widermind and For further information, please contact: Claes-Göran Fridh, CEO AffärsstrategernaAB telephone +46-8-545 83195 or e-mail Lars Prins, Head of Corporate Communication Affärsstrategerna AB telephone +46-8-545 83197, +46-7033-144 937 or e-mail: ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: