SWATS- Private Placement of 6 MUSD completed

SWATS- Private Placement of 6 MUSD completed Affärsstrategerna's portfolio company Swedish Advanced Technology Systems (SWATS) has closed a Private Placement round of 6 MUSD managed by the investment bank CAI Cheuvreux Nordic AB. A Swedish institution has subscribed for the whole issue. The capital raised will be used for industrial and commercial development of the SWATS Display Card. SWATS AB (Swedish Advanced Technology Systems) develops and markets a unique, patent-protected card which combines an LCD display with an ordinary microchip plastic card, called a smart card. SWATS' objective is to become a leading provider of Display Cards, with a global business based on licence sales. The cards can be used for many different purposes, such as payments, ticketless travel and loyalty programmes, as well as in health care. The increasing number of credit card frauds, with magnetic stripes being copied, drives the roll-out of an infrastructure based on smart cards. The embedded microchip in the smart card is impossible to copy. A number of banks and credit card companies have already started to switch to smart cards. Negotiations with some of the largest companies on the smart card market have been initiated and several end-customers are interested in the technology. In early February 2001 SWATS was elected "Best Business Proposition" in The Late Stage and IPO Forum in Munich, Germany. [REMOVED GRAPHICS] Affärsstrategerna is a leading seed investment venture capital company listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange O-list. Affärsstrategerna invests value-added capital in innovative start-ups, operating in IT/Internet, Wireless and Life Science/Medical Technology, and has the potential to become market leader in its niche. Some of the companies in the portfolio are A Brand New World, Alpha Helix, Arcticon BioPharm Production, Artema, A3TL, Chemel, European Institute of Science, Fingerprint Cards, FreeHand Communication, InfiniCom, Mainbox, Mocat, Musicbrigade, Naty, Netbaby World, Picron Microarrays, RaySearch Laboratories, RSC Technology, Samba Sensors, SWATS, Webupdate Scandinavia, Widermind, Wireless Assets, Inc. and Yesitworks Sweden. For further information please contact: Lars-Erik Jonsson, CEO, SWATS Tel: +46-8- 789 05 02 E-mail: larserik.jonsson@swats.se Per Ersson, Investment Manager, Affärsstrategerna Tel: +46-8-545 831 94 E-mail: per@astrateg.se Lars Prins, Head of Corporate Communication, Affärsstrategerna Tel: +46-8-545 831 97 Mobile: +46-733-14 49 37 E-mail: lars.prins@astrateg.se ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT http://www.bit.se The following files are available for download: http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2001/05/02/20010502BIT00810/bit0001.doc http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2001/05/02/20010502BIT00810/bit0002.pdf