Affecto joins with BIGDATAPUMP to power data-driven businesses

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Affecto and BIGDATAPUMP are joining forces to power data-driven businesses throughout Finland and Scandinavia. 

Recognizing the future of data analysis to be the future of business itself, the two companies are forming a joint venture with the imperative of turning data into insight, insight into action, and action into sustainable solutions that bring real customer value.

Customer Impact and the Business of Data.

Both Affecto and BIGDATAPUMP recognize that no product can be called a solution until it actually solves real problems for customers (and their customers, respectively). This is why both firms are excited about offering cloud analytics together.

“Cloud analytics truly is the great innovator – it’s by nature agile – and it enables us to quickly evaluate with customers the impact and difference that data-driven decisions can make for their business," says BIGDATAPUMP’s Board Chairman,Teemu Birkstedt, speaking of his company’s strength.

BIGDATAPUMP is a leader in Microsoft cloud analytics in Finland, and they’re excited to apply their expertise in this field with Affecto.

“Combining real-time [cloud] analytics with machine learning – or even with service design, from Affecto’s PowerGrid,” observed Birkstedt. “The possibilities are impressive.”


Affecto draws its strength from the diversity of the companies and capabilities in its PowerGrid. The collection of international offices, which BIGDATAPUMP will be joining via acquisition, boasts an array of shared talent in data analysis, service design, systems integrations, and long-term data management.

The new company formed by BIGDATAPUMP’s acquisition will continue with BIGDATAPUMP’s brand and focus on cloud analytics. Like other Affecto nodes (e.g, Weave), BIGDATAPUMP will retain its creative and legal autonomy while the company with its 30+ cloud analytics professionals will be welcomed in the Affecto brand family.

 "Just think of all the things BIGDATAPUMP and Affecto data scientists can do together," says Affecto Deputy CEO Iikka Lindroos. "When you put our data scientists together, when you add our extended services and combine our combine companies’ customers and networks – we are making real business and value out of data."

Power Up: Plugging into Affecto’s PowerGrid

The acquisition agreement for BIGDATAPUMP was signed on December 19, 2016, and the deal is expected to be finalized by the end of January 2017. Already, however, the companies are looking for talented cloud data scientists to power BIGDATAPUMP’s growth in Finland, Sweden, and Denmark.

“Our Affectones create customer value in so many areas, in industries and markets around the world,” notes Affecto Deputy CEO Iikka Lindroos. “The importance of cloud analytics in doing so makes it an exciting area to add your contribution.”

To plug into the Affecto PowerGrid or join to BIGDATAPUMP in its growth, discover and apply to open positions at or

To learn more about the acquisition Affecto’s purchase of BIGDATAPUMP or the companies’ new joint business, please contact:

Iikka Lindroos, Deputy CEO, Affecto Plc,, +358408018331




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