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  • Advansia, part of AFRY and partners assists NND in important decommissioning of Norwegian nuclear facilities

Advansia, part of AFRY and partners assists NND in important decommissioning of Norwegian nuclear facilities

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Norwegian Nuclear Decommissioning (NND) has been appointed by the government to decommission Norway's historic nuclear facilities. In strong competition with other established consulting firms, Advansia has been awarded the framework agreement for "Administrative support”. The Advansia team includes BDO, Amesto People & Culture, FRONT Leadership and Leidar.

Over the next 25 years, NND will be responsible for dismantling the Norwegian nuclear facilities. This work will include the decommissioning of research reactors with support facilities located in Halden and Kjeller, the handling of spent nuclear fuel and storage of low- and intermediate-level decommissioning waste. There will also be a need to build new facilities for handling and storage in the decommissioning process.

“The decommissioning is extensive and complex, which also requires a lot of administrative capacity. With these framework agreements, we are able to secure access to critical expertise and experience to carry out good processes and deliveries. Advansia and its partners offer a solid team”, says Ann-Cathrin Becken, Sector Director of Administration at NND.

Advansia has a leading position within project and construction management in Norway. To deliver a wide of range of services to its clients, the company has expanded its service offering and established complementary services within security, strategy and organizational and management development.

“We are so proud to have the opportunity to support NND in their important work, together with our partners. This framework is in line with our strategic direction, and we look forward to contributing to accelerating the transition to a sustainable society”, says Christopher Klepsland, Country Manager Norway and Head of Advansia.

IFE, Institute for Energy Technology, currently holds the license to own and operate the Norwegian nuclear plants and fuel storage facilities. NND is scheduled to take over the license and ownership of the nuclear facilities in 2024. This also includes the personnel connected to the facility.

The order value for Advansia is not disclosed.

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